SunBlog 19.2 service

Weirdos in the mail

Weirdo: I would love if you could unblock me on facebook so that I will be able to see your content and your interventions HD related.
I remind you you blocked me for my stupid comments, that’s over. i wont text you or tag you

me: which is the same weirdo:

Gate 19 of wanting, approach.
That all things are interrelated is apparent and manifested through the action of approach.
Gaste 19 Line 2: service. The dedication of personal resources as a result of external contact.
Exalted: Dedication and service to the highest values. The energy to want to be of service.
Detriment: Protracted indecision, but given the nature of this position, eventual compliance. The need to be wanted that will eventually turn its energy to service.