May 2024

I blame the unborn entity for the idiocy of Jonah Dempcy

o yes, namedropping 🙂
And, yeah ego/mind likes to blame, to seek blame for things happening in life, so, when contemplating it, who to blame really? the parents of the unborn entitity? 😉

Friday I got this question: “🤣 it’s impressive how you can be at the center of shenanigans without even being in the groups! If someone is saying something about you, do you want to know?

‘haha tell me 🙂
assholes 😃’

Jonah Dempcy on Friday May 24th 2024 at 18:01 UTC:
Side note – if anyone knows Sjef Romijn, he has been spreading erroneous information about Reflectors for at least 7 years now, saying that Ra was wrong about the 29.5 day lunar month cycle, and that it’s actually 27.3 day sidereal lunar cycle, since that is how long it takes for the Moon to return to the same gate and line. Ra is pretty clear that the 29.5 day lunar cycle is what must occur for these 62 steps to happen which is the completion of one full cycle of all the processes included in the channels, regardless of activation. So, just one of many, many cases where Sjef is completely wrong. He’s also said, for instance, that with his 2nd Color Determination he only eats what he likes, and he likes fast food, Taco Bell, Mc Donald’s and the like-needless to say, he blocked me years ago, and if he hadn’t, I sure would have- and I recommend everyone else block him, too, as he has absolutely nothing to contribute to the study of Human Design or, seemingly, to humanity as a whole. That being said, someone may want to tell him he’s wrong about the Reflector lunar cycle and should stop telling people it’s 27.3 days. Roger Campbell if you’d like to be the messenger perhaps your 5th Line can call him out on it!

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Sieg X2P Paulimot mini mill belt drive conversion kit

– Low speed is now up to 1500 rpm, high speed is up to 4700 rpm (approximate values​​, was 1100/2500)).
– The small pulley has a 9 mm bore with 3 mm keyway. The large pulley has a 30 mm bore with a 5 mm keyway.
– Super precision aluminium pulleys.
– Special Polyurethane 60 degree V belt for small pulleys. Minimum flection resistance, minimum power loss, maximum belt life. Polyurethane 60 degree V belts (Mitsubishi) performs appropriate and best results for small size pulleys.
– More lightweight and aesthetic, higher durability.
– Wide sliding mechanism for a easy belt change.
– Practical automatic locking mechanism for the work spindle.
– Belt cover can be replaced quickly.
– Easy installation in a short time. Moreover, without making permanent changes to machine. via

Well, I chose to remove the plastic gears and axle with bearings, gear shifter etc 😉
Communication and shipping were excellent, needed a little wiggling to get the pulleys on the same height on my X2P, overall super satisfied, highly recommended.
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Deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender (DARVO) is a tactic a person may use to deflect responsibility onto an individual they have abused. DARVO (an acronym for “deny, attack, and reverse victim & offender”) is a reaction that perpetrators of wrongdoing, may display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. Some researchers indicate that it is a common manipulation strategy of psychological abusers.

As the acronym suggests, the common steps involved are:
1. The abuser denies the abuse ever took place
2. When confronted with evidence, the abuser then attacks the person that was/is being abused (and/or the person’s family and/or friends) for attempting to hold the abuser accountable for their actions, and finally
3. The abuser claims that they were/are actually the victim in the situation, thus reversing the positions of victim and offender. It often involves not just playing the victim but also victim blaming.

The acronym and the analysis it is based on are the work of the psychologist Jennifer Freyd, who wrote about it in 1997. The first stage of DARVO, denial, involves gaslighting. Freyd writes:
… I have observed that actual abusers threaten, bully and make a nightmare for anyone who holds them accountable or asks them to change their abusive behavior. This attack, intended to chill and terrify, typically includes threats of law suits, overt and covert attacks on the whistle-blower’s credibility, and so on. The attack will often take the form of focusing on ridiculing the person who attempts to hold the offender accountable. […] The offender rapidly creates the impression that the abuser is the wronged one, while the victim or concerned observer is the offender. Figure and ground are completely reversed. […] The offender is on the offense and the person attempting to hold the offender accountable is put on the defense.

Usage and effectiveness
Freyd stated that DARVO is frequently used and effective, although the number of people who are inclined to believe a DARVO response decreases once they understand the tactic. However, the examination and determination of who is using DARVO proves to be difficult until the abuser and the victim in a case are clearly established. An example of the difficulty was seen in the Depp v. Heard case.

We gaan niet winnon

De diskwalificatie van Joost Klein op het Eurovisie Songfestival is vanwege een “dreigende beweging naar een camera”. Dat meldt AVROTROS zaterdag in de eerste uitgebreide reactie na de diskwalificatie van de Nederlandse artiest.
Het incident vond donderdag plaats na Kleins optredenin de tweede halve finale in Malmö. “Tegen duidelijk gemaakte afspraken in is Joost gefilmd toen hij net van het podium af kwam en zich moest haasten naar de greenroom”, meldt AVROTROS.

“Op dat moment heeft Joost herhaaldelijk aangegeven niet gefilmd te willen worden. Daar werd geen gehoor aan gegeven. Dit heeft geleid tot een dreigende beweging van Joost naar de camera. Hierbij heeft Joost de cameravrouw niet aangeraakt.”

“Would you say he is only talking about the awakening of the passenger, or even about the awakening of the body?”

Me: The body is not asleep, it may be fed incorrect frequencies, which hampers its ability to (re)cognize correctly and thus (also how it) interacts with the Magnetic Monopole. Like a fog over it.

Awakening Passenger consciousness is also a bit of a misnomer, how could we ever tell? It is not something we (identified personality) interact with directly, not in a 2 way communication style anyways.

The only one we get to wake the fuck up, is the ego/mind actually, the identified idiot. So that it moves out of the way of correctness, is all. Yes?

“Would you consider mindful based therapy ego/mind?”

Does a bear consciously know s/he needs to feed up cause winter/hibernation is coming, s/he does not.

Mindfulness is about consciously knowing, an ego/mind journey, better than (western) psycho therapy, but still just barely above it.

HD is about having a binary consciousness, and getting out of the way of the Vehicle (body) interacting with the Driver (Magnetic Monopole) to live life. To stabilize the color frequency between them. The Passenger (the eternal Personality Crystal, regardless of current imprint) is ever watchful. Or not. But without the need to focus or vigilance. We could not even tell it to do so.

The identified self, the ego/mind, is unrelated to any of this. The Personality imprint this incarnation is unrelated to this.

But mind is not you, this is exactly why it is called not-self when making decisions with it. Everything that is not you, is not-you (not-self). The Mind is not you, not yours, so the thoughts of it, are not your thoughts, therefor anything mindful, any observation the mind does, is not -you-. It is just software running pretending to be you.

Ego/Mind can become aware of the movement of the body, usually after the event has been started, rarely before it but some precognition exists of course.

HD is about letting the show run itself and maybe/perhaps see if you can see it. It explains the mechanics of the Maya but that does not give you any power over it.

Whereas Mindfulness is trying to control our own behaviour through the ritual of mindfulness itself. It is ego/mind goal oriented. Even if it can be correct to do so. It is pretending that the self identified consciousness of these observation (gaining mental knowledge about that which we observe, so we can alter outcomes) is important.

And it simply is not.