MoonBlog 3.1

Was my Power view the reason for one of my FB groups & its name, I ponder of late.

To have seen the winners and losers, and continue to see, in HD groups & gatherings, outside, in my view & perspective. And the need to round up some winners to get rid of those losers, from my power view and also through my distraction.

The view never stops, the power structure is never fixed, so ready to interchange some people in here too. Theses ones in, theses ones out, from the personal (distracted) vision and my experience. Keeping score, adding and subtracting continuously.

Adding Brotherhood/Sisterhood and can I Trust you or Not?
or can I Trust you to, to fuck (me) up…?

Meeting more and more Power View people too, in person/aura or online, is that fractal gravity? Read more