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MoonBlog 18.5 Therapy

What I find interesting to notice with (FB group)talk on Ra versus Zeno Dickson, Steve Rhodes, Karen Curry/Parker, Chetan Parkyn, Richard Rudd, Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Kim Gould and so on is this:

When Ra says something it needs to have come from the Voice, or it (the mind of the audience) finds it hard to accept. We want to either believe or we do not believe. And not believing is just another belief…
Ra is not allowed (right…) to have understood and worked with what he got from the voice, it needs to be verbatim (word for word accurate) or not.

But these ‘heretics’, those who moved on or away from Ra’s Jovian Human Design, who have not had the experience of the voice know better? They know better with their minds what is accurate and true about Human Design and they -are allowed- to freely interpret and share from their own and personal perspective?

Then all of a sudden the masses huddle up in line to sign up for this or that course, filling the coffers of those so called free entrepreneurs with funds of the ignorant and stupid who lament at the prices and structure of Jovian and IHDS. These people paid hundreds if not thousands for not just second hand information, but altered and changed, mangled and maimed by their grotesque ego teachers ! (while actually stating it to be ‘not like it at all’) Empowerment for only a few dollars less…
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On August 22


the Russian Supreme Soviet passed a resolution establishing a white, blue, and red flag as the new flag of Russia, replacing the Soviet-era red flag with its hammer and sickle. A group of city council members, led by Vitaly Skoybeda—the one who had slugged the hard-liner three days earlier—set off to replace the flag in Leningrad. “The flag was on a corner of Nevsky Prospekt, over the Party headquarters,” Yelena Zelinskaya, the samizdat publisher, recalled in an interview years later. “It was the most noticeable place in the city. They started taking it down, a group of people including journalists and city council members. An orchestra showed up for some reason; it was the brass band of the military school. And a television crew was there filming. They lowered the red flag carefully. As the orchestra played, they raised the tricolor. The man who took down the flag was standing right there among us, on Nevsky. So there we were, a group of people, standing in the street, with an orchestra playing, and this man with a red flag in his hands, and we were suddenly totally lost as to what to do. Here we had a flag that for eighty years had been the symbol of the state; we had all hated it but we had also all feared it. And then one of our staff members says, ‘I know what to do: we are going to give it back to them.’ The district Party headquarters was across the street. And he grabbed the flag and ran across the Nevsky, without looking left or right. Cars stop. The orchestra is playing a march, and he is running across the very wide Nevsky, and just when the orchestra is playing the last note, he tosses the flag as hard as he can against the Party headquarters doors. There is a pause. And then the door opens slowly just a crack; a hand reaches out and quickly yanks the flag inside. The door closes. This was the highlight of my entire life. I saw the Russian flag raised over Nevsky.”  -Masha Gessen, The man without a face; The unlikely rise of Vladimir Putin
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MoonBlog 3.1

Was my Power view the reason for one of my FB groups & its name, I ponder of late.

To have seen the winners and losers, and continue to see, in HD groups & gatherings, outside, in my view & perspective. And the need to round up some winners to get rid of those losers, from my power view and also through my distraction.

The view never stops, the power structure is never fixed, so ready to interchange some people in here too. Theses ones in, theses ones out, from the personal (distracted) vision and my experience. Keeping score, adding and subtracting continuously.

Adding Brotherhood/Sisterhood and can I Trust you or Not?
or can I Trust you to, to fuck (me) up…?

Meeting more and more Power View people too, in person/aura or online, is that fractal gravity? Read more