Was my Power view the reason for one of my FB groups & its name, I ponder of late.

To have seen the winners and losers, and continue to see, in HD groups & gatherings, outside, in my view & perspective. And the need to round up some winners to get rid of those losers, from my power view and also through my distraction.

The view never stops, the power structure is never fixed, so ready to interchange some people in here too. Theses ones in, theses ones out, from the personal (distracted) vision and my experience. Keeping score, adding and subtracting continuously.

Adding Brotherhood/Sisterhood and can I Trust you or Not?
or can I Trust you to, to fuck (me) up…?

Meeting more and more Power View people too, in person/aura or online, is that fractal gravity?

As I sense some shift through my Uranus Opposition (May 2011) in this leg up to my Chiron Return (May 2019)

My Digestion is Open Taste with Smell (Transference Sound), Active
My Environment is Artificial Shores with Touch, Observer
My Perspective is Power/Personal with Uncertainty, Focused
My Motivation is Fear with Uncertainty (Transference Need), Strategic

I feel softer inside, but also know I’m perceived to be much more harsh from the outside. While things have not become more black&white, simply more clear, more narrow, more real, less dress-up, more simple, yet also less sparkly, less zing, less volatile. An interesting experience to witness having had the need to always be in some kind of battle, openly, loudly, while I can still see the little or bigger dramas circling around, but it is more clear-cut what or which gets engaged with, and which are not.

Aah just writing gives rise to the memory of the dormant rage, it is there, lurking, ready to engage, to pounce all them motherlovers, it’s just sleeping, dozing off, but never far, hehe. “If you own a cat, it is easy to understand. The cat is sitting there in the now and is really looking disinterested in everything. It seems to be totally disinterested but it is not. It is being very superficial on the surface. It looks very shallow at what it is doing but all of its antennae are ready and alert for anything, at any moment.” let’s see what it can take personal again, and be adrift for another few months, over and over again. Distraction really is, distracting from you living your life, as you engage with it, hehe. Helpless and Incompetent humanoid 🙂

Well my website/blog is well underway as I get ready to leave this FaceBookLand and take a break from putting myself out there, in HD FB groups with comments and advice, with my LYD Courses and offerings of sessions. And wait, to be prodded, and initiated for it, and to find if and when it is correct, or not.

MoonBlog 3.1

Gate 3 of ordering, difficulty at the beginning.
The fundamental challenge of initiation is to transcend confusion and establish order.

Gate 3 Line 1 Synthesis.
Difficulties can be only overcome when all the pertinent factors have been analyzed.

Exalted: The understanding that confusion is natural and must always exist before clarity can be achieved. An innate knowing that order will emerge from confusion.
Detriment: The reliance on intellect at the expense of intuition can lead to unnecessary frustration. The inability to know that order will emerge and the drive to find this knowing elsewhere.