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What I find interesting to notice with (FB group)talk on Ra versus Zeno Dickson, Steve Rhodes, Karen Curry/Parker, Chetan Parkyn, Richard Rudd, Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Kim Gould and so on is this:

When Ra says something it needs to have come from the Voice, or it (the mind of the audience) finds it hard to accept. We want to either believe or we do not believe. And not believing is just another belief…
Ra is not allowed (right…) to have understood and worked with what he got from the voice, it needs to be verbatim (word for word accurate) or not.

But these ‘heretics’, those who moved on or away from Ra’s Jovian Human Design, who have not had the experience of the voice know better? They know better with their minds what is accurate and true about Human Design and they -are allowed- to freely interpret and share from their own and personal perspective?

Then all of a sudden the masses huddle up in line to sign up for this or that course, filling the coffers of those so called free entrepreneurs with funds of the ignorant and stupid who lament at the prices and structure of Jovian and IHDS. These people paid hundreds if not thousands for not just second hand information, but altered and changed, mangled and maimed by their grotesque ego teachers ! (while actually stating it to be ‘not like it at all’) Empowerment for only a few dollars less…

humandesignforeveryone specialists
baantu graduates

When someone studied/taught Astrology or the I-Ching for say 40 years, we cling to the lips of these experienced knowledgeable wise people. Even if their interpretation is just… an(other) interpretation. Not truth per se, not verifiable, not law. But we believe and we follow.

With Ra, who actually had the experience (so he said) and the wondrous capacity to interpret and distill, work through and out, and shape it into a teachable knowledge with keywords which leaves no room for interpretation and personal subjectivity, many people again and again seem to want to change it, and put down Ra and call it -his version- of HD, while selling you their own personal ego/mind version.

Where their minds got stuck and drew conclusions, where they became un-believers (which is just another religion) where they got upset about the teachings and the structures, about the perceived value of their certificates.

These sometimes called ‘black marketeers’ are not free or freed people, they did not break free from imposed constraints and liberated themselves to walk their own path, they are stuck in their ego/mind trying to prove Ra wrong, and themselves right.
Saying their version of HD washes whiter than white (even calling it “The original Human Design System” !), and write, blog, webinar, vlog, seminar about the differences as they see them, perceive them, believe them

What a trap !

MoonBlog 18.5

Gate 18 of Correction. Work on what has been spoilt. The vigilance and determination to uphold and defend basic and fundamental human rights
Gate 18 Line 5 Therapy. The strength to recognize a problem and to accept that it is beyond one’s power to solve it alone.
Exalted: The wisdom to both seek and provide guidance. The potential for correction and judgment through relationships.
Detriment: The mental patient. Chronic instability and potential madness. Where relationships cannot assist in correction the potential of mental instability.