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One of the things that I think is difficult is that as your teacher, I show you the world in a way that it is so obvious that this is not a pleasant thing. In essence, it could lead to a sense of deep pessimism about the nature of being and the nature of the world itself. This is truly not my intent. I’m a realist. I look at the world. I see what’s there. I understand the Program and I understand the limitations of things. But I also understand the way in which the numbers work; the 4% solution, the 4% who can wake up and the 4% of the 4% that actually do. This is where the glory of life is. It’s us. It’s what it’s all about. You can’t get it any better than this. This is what it’s about. It is something that we need to remind ourselves of, of the beauty and the grace of what it is to have your own authority, to be aware enough to be able to understand your nature and the nature of the world around you. It is an ex-traordinary accomplishment. It is something that is very special. It’s your grace.

We cannot talk about awareness and the achievement of awareness without understanding its privilege. Wherever you go back into the mythology it was always from the privileged classes, it was always from the coterie of those that had the advantages that were able to ponder, were able to commune at another level. It’s always been like that, these milieus. It’s still the same thing. It appears to be more widespread because we live in a global age and we have the benefits of our technologies. But percentages as percentages? I’ve repeated the formula over and over: 4% of 4%. That’s the possibility of those in humanity that have a chance. And that chance isn’t about their natural gifts, because you can see that regardless of whoever this design is, any design similar, you can see that it’s not just about what is there. It’s a guarantee of nothing. It’s the thing that makes life mysterious, after all. Truly, it makes it mysterious.

It’s really something when you look at the world, you look at us. I always used to laugh. I heard it for so many years, people who would meet Design and they would get all wrapped up and get all excited and they’d fantasize that it’s going to save the world—how many times I heard that from people. My God, don’t you see what this is here, how difficult, how nearly impossible it is? Approximately 4% of humanity has the potential, the fractal potential that they can actually see this thing. And only about 4% of that 4%, somewhere between 35 and 50 million people, truly have an opportunity to transcend all of this, to discover their humanness, because that’s what it is about. It is what it is about for me.

This is humanity, the sheep out there. Truly it is. The only difference is you don’t see like you do in the sheep that their skull is so thick you can’t even put a bullet through it. This is humanity. It’s all in reproduction. Nothing has more power. In the long run everything is dependent on this. This is what gives the WA its greatest power to control humanity, to homogenize consciousness, to do its work perfectly. We will never change it. We cannot. It is not possible. It is not possible because of this. I talk to you about the 4% of the 4%. It’s the only ones you can talk to. This is the place. This is the whole story. And of course, what it means in the end is that our responsibility to our children is to make sure that they deeply, deeply understand first and foremost their beauty, their power, what authority means for them, how important it is. But most important of all, the so-called ‘birds and bees’ conversation with a teen: Herein lies the key to reproduction. Not for yourself; for yourself you have your own authority. Life will be correct for you. But to have a correct bond reproductively this is truly a gift. It’s a gift to the future; it’s a gift to that child. One of the most incredible things that we can do is that this begins to live generationally and that this bond establishes what a gene pool is that is capable of dealing as humans with the changing of the cycle. And at the same time able to exalt the gifts that are there, the incredible gifts that are there and what it is to be a nine-centered being.

Both Penta and WA are the homogenizing agents. They’re there to strip you of your uniqueness. They’re there to strip you of your unique authority. They’re there to put you in the service of something that you have no conscious access to, which is rather bizarre when you think about it. And yet, at the same time I am deeply practical as a being. I am a 5th line Personality and I look out in the world around me and I see that 4% of 4% can be transformed, and everybody else has to make a living. Everybody else has to survive and everybody else has to survive with the level of consciousness that they have in terms of their not-self. I cannot in all honesty abandon those beings. I know that I can’t wake them up. I know that I cannot transform their lives in the sense we understand transformation. And yet at the same time, the knowledge of Human Design is not just there for those that will wake up. It isn’t. It’s what you get to see in BG5. That is, you can make a Penta functional in a very simple way and you don’t have to be esoteric about it. And everybody inside is going to benefit.

It all depends on the level of awareness and it all depends on—most of these people that are in these situations, they don’t have a basic interest in any of these things. They didn’t in their lives. Maybe moments where it was a fad or this or that or whatever, but fundamentally these diseases are striking beings who are deeply homogenized. And their reaction, in most cases, to these kinds of diseases is deeply homogenized. Again, there is always going to be that percentage, the 4% of 4%. I guarantee you if you really did the research of all the cancer patients in the world and you took 4% of 4% you’d see that those were the ones that had taken a totally different track in dealing with healing themselves and it began with transforming themselves as beings. This is what we’re actually here to offer. It’s really my point today. We have an extraordinary gift. That is, we can really help somebody confront themselves, with no guarantee that that’s going to heal them, cure them, give them more time, all of that stuff because that’s not what it’s about. It can’t be about that. It has to be about seeing themselves. This is the most important thing.

We have to remember something that the fact that somebody finds out about Human Design or has a sudden interest in Human Design, whatever the case may be, it doesn’t really mean they’re ready. You can always tell when somebody is ready, because they, one way or another, begin their experiment. This is when you know that somebody’s ready because they will take that step. This being ready is 4% of 4%, my favorite little number. It’s a real fraction of things that are out there. And we have to maintain the integrity of what we do. After all, this is not about being a Human Design analyst. It is the responsibility of a Human Design analyst to deal with these beings that have interest to see if it’s possible that they’re ready without knowing it, that the veil can be dropped and that something can happen for them in their process. All of that is a different responsibility. The responsibility that we have at this level of the knowledge is a responsibility at the very core of anybody’s process. Are you ready? Are you ready to learn? Are you ready to change your process? Are you ready to be involved? And are you ready to experiment, because if you’re not ready to do these things, then we can’t take you from out of the great unwashed and suddenly turn you into a saint. It isn’t going to happen.

For me it always comes down to certain things that are just very simple about the nature of life. There is one of two ways to go in this life. You just simply get carried away. And I see so clearly that that’s what life does to most people. This momentum of this vast evolutionary force, it’s what Thomas Pynchon says: you can’t shit against gravity. It’s like it’s an overwhelming process in which you are just being dragged over the cliff. And I do see how easy it is for humanity to simply be carried away in the density of the Program because it’s everywhere. Yet, at the same time, it all goes back to the physics of the biverse. About 4% is atomic, very little actually, about 4% is atomic. That’s the hot creative force. It is possible for about 4% of humanity to mutate, possible for them to go through a transforming process that allows them to disengage from the density of the Program. And out of that 4% there’s 4% of that 4% that might actually be able to achieve that. That’s somewhere between 25 and 50 million people out of 7 billion where there is a possibility that there is something in them, some serendipity, some fractal line that saves them from just being carried away. It doesn’t mean that it gives them any automatic key to the kingdom, it doesn’t. But it brings them to this kind of window. It brings them to this kind of moment where the opportunity is there to see whether or not they’re ready, because this is a readiness.