August 2018

Based on the “Generator Transcript”

“Surrender: Your Mind Must Be An Ally
It’s very important to understand something as a Generator: Generators were given this gift of surrendering. Let me explain to you how surrender works for a Generator. A Generator comes to Human Design and they’re told that they make decisions in response. So they begin this process of making decisions in response, and they begin this process by doing the mental work first.

If you do not seduce your mind as a Generator, you will never have a real opportunity to be yourself. Your mind must become your ally. The way in which you make your mind an ally is that when you begin your Generator process, you begin by a “Question and Response Episode.”

The Mind Will Fight Your Surrender
See, Generators are here to know themselves. You’re here to know yourself so you above everybody else is here to know the power of your Not-Self because it’s your greatest enemy! In recognizing the power of that Not-Self you cannot expect your mind – who does not work for you – to work for you!

You cannot expect that you’re going to be able to teach your mind, to be able to compensate for your Not-Self.

Your Mind Is Not on Your Side
It all comes back to your own process. It comes back to you remembering every moment of every day that your mind is not on your side. It’s going to tell you whatever it tells you. It has to learn. You have to teach it. You have to fool it. You have to get it to a point that it surrenders to you being your own Authority, claiming what’s rightfully yours.

Your Sacral Center is here to claim what’s rightfully yours – your Authority. I wait for awake 59s to change the way in which we bond, so that we can bond with clarity, so that we can bond with those that are correct for us to bond with.” – Ra Uru Hu

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Live @ Rotterdam (2016)

Rotterdam, Netherlands 05.11.2016
00:00 – The Bucket
03:00 – Mary
06:26 – On Call
10:03 – Find Me
14:20 – Molly’s Chambers
17:04 – Reverend
20:56 – Use Somebody
24:57 – Over
30:58 – Supersoaker
35:07 – Waste A Moment
38:19 – Sex On Fire

And they all lived happily ever after

A Story For All The Children In This World

Once upon a time there were a queen and a king, and they were very happy together. They lived in a beautiful castle surrounded by the lush forests and meadows of their extensive kingdom, but their greatest joy were their four children.
Each child was something special, and since they were so different in their own ways, the royal couple had four towers built for them and styled entirely to their individual wishes and needs.

The eldest son was a Reflector, and his name was Raphael. His tower was covered with ivy and surrounded by old trees, which housed a lot of different animals. The birds and the squirrels and the deer and the bunnies came to greet Raphael each morning, and in some special nights the little Reflector even slept outside under the stars and the moon. He loved to watch the moon making it’s way across the sky, and he felt very connected to it and just as changeable and different each day and night.
When Raphael spent time with other children or grownups, he could sense what they feel, and that surprised him each time. He actually felt like a mirror: “Depending on who I am with, I see myself in a different way. Only when I’m alone I’m truly myself again”, he thought.
Despite his youth, Raphael was a precious advisor to his parents, because he could also sense the needs and moods of the entire population in his parent’s kingdom.
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Another view (282)

Een draadje over een tendens in activistische en politiek actieve kringen die me zorgen baart.


1/ Activisme heeft mijns inziens als doel de wereld inclusiever te maken, gelijke kansen creëren voor iedereen. Je kunt dat op vele verschillende manieren proberen te bereiken, vanuit verschillende achtergronden. Je kunt discussiëren over strategieën.

2/ Als activist ga je verbindingen aan om dingen te bereiken. Je zoekt mensen met overlappende doelstellingen. Je neemt deel aan de politiek om doelen te bereiken, en probeert politiek te ontregelen waar nodig om de politiek zelf aan de kaak te stellen.

3/ Activisme is daarmee a dirty job. Het gaat met vallen en opstaan. Niemand is heilig. Mensen maken soms verkeerde keuzes en inschattingen. Het is net het echte leven.

4/ Steeds vaker zie ik dat het aangaan van allianties onmogelijk wordt gemaakt omdat groepjes activisten hun identiteit en morele gelijk als in beton gegoten beschouwen, en alleen nog uit zijn op het “ontmaskeren” van tegenstanders die zich vermommen als medestanders.

5/ Elkaar scherp houden is ontzettend belangrijk, maar dat is iets anders dan isolement opzoeken in een groep die als enige gemene deler een vijandbeeld heeft dat groeit als een olievlek.

6/ Daarbij is de groep zelf ook niet veilig: er heerst een voortdurende dreiging “ontmaskerd” te worden als wolf in schaapskleren.

7/ “Leden” worden zo gedwongen connecties met mensen buiten de eigen bubbel te verbreken en kritiek binnen de eigen bubbel weg te slikken. Dat is gevaarlijke groepsdruk en vergroot polarisatie.

8/ Deze groepjes proberen te verhullen dat activisme uiteindelijk in wezen een eenzame bezigheid is. Ja: activisme biedt verbindingen die herkenning, steun en slagkracht bieden, maar geen enkele alliantie is heilig. Elke groep is een menselijk construct, en daarmee feilbaar.

9/ Je dient als individu te blijven nadenken. Wat wil JIJ bereiken? Hoe wil je dat doen? Hoe sta je tegenover anderen? Wat wil je wel of niet uitdragen? Welke rol wil je activisme geven in je dagelijks bestaan?

10/ Welke podia benut je wel en niet? Die vragen staan soms haaks op de groepsvorming die veilig lijkt.

11/ Zelf vind ik de volgende dingen belangrijk. 1. Ogen op de bal houden (en die ligt in de buitenwereld), 2. Mensen, verzoeken, incidenten en acties steeds van geval tot geval bekijken en beoordelen.

12/ Mensen zijn flexibel. Als ik zou geloven dat mensen óf trash zijn óf deugen, dan zou mijn activisme geen zin hebben.

13/ Het doet me daarom zeer wanneer activisme zich verliest in dogmatisme en blind vijandschap. Ik weet dat het van alle tijden en plaatsen is, maar het doet toch zeer. Daar ging dit draadje over. Nu weer verder met het stichten van een inclusieve communistische bio-heilstaat.

14/ Laatste toevoeging: dit draadje gaat over activisme in het algemeen, ik zie deze tendens in alle hoeken en gaten, op twitter en daarbuiten. Het is van alle tijden ook, maar daarmee niet minder pijnlijk, in mijn ogen.”

Source: Aafke Romeijn en GeenStijl

MoonBlog 23.3 Individuality

On the purity of Human Design or mixing it with other frameworks/modalities:

It has nothing to do with following one persons words (Ra Uru Hu) by the letter, or even the Human Design framework ‘to a fault’.

It is about seeing that “all knowledge burns down in the face of Strategy & Authority” and having seen that, experienced it.

By tinkering with it, to add or subtract, we’re tinkering with knowledge alone.

For instance I’ve been in several GeneKeys DeepDives, was live in London with Richard and others just before the book got out, did GK Host and Guide training, was asked to become a GK Guide, and had a great time exploring my emotional world through it. It was incredibly valuable to me and everyone else I know or came in contact with.

But as I also deepened my experience with HD I came to see, that not HD, not Ra, not GK, not any of it, not PHS, not this economic framework or that political philosophy, not Advaita Vedanta was key, but S&A was, my S&A for me, by me.

It truly holds everything, to make those decisions by yourself, which is often times not even decision -making- but realization of what is correct. The dawning awareness of that reality.

And that there is nothing wrong with someone telling me this.

The funny thing is, people claim and clamor that they are free to mix it (which they are), how open and progressive that is, but as soon as someone is telling them (why) not to mix it, all the openness and progressiveness is out the window and they become fundamentalist mixers all of a sudden, just like what they accuse others of doing ! 🙂

While more and more HD people shake their heads and become more and more silent in FB HD groups because of the enormous influx of people indeed wanting to mix, or as they fear the no choice dilemma, to at least have the option as they then cling to it and defend it ferociously, but not creating their own mix groups, but instead just take over the conversations, loud, arrogant, obnoxious, as they promote their mix, and then another mix, and yet another other with another mix.

Mixing it, is not experimenting with it. Hiding behind others and become false group thugs is not you living it.

Writing their own books, giving more, giving less, changing this, changing that, while standing on the basics of HD, while trampling it all the same. Ignoring the pearls from within it as changing one word or syllable has more importance, than -living- it or learning to, as their ego’s are boasted by the people that buy stuff from them, thinking both parties are on the right track, of manipulating life, of creating shortcuts to salvation and the end of their suffering.

That is not duality at all, “ignoring the yin (dark), only seeking yang (light), living only half of a dualistic life, for moral superiority”

I’ve had access to tons and tons and tons of HD and mixed or altered information, and to see, not just for me, but for so many others too, that even pure HD info is not the key, the information is just a drug (gateway drug?) is just for the mind to think it can outsmart life, pretend to change the mind with more/better information. And Ra was the pusher of it, by popular demand.

And then mind make all these and those connections, and thus indeed combine structures, insights, frameworks.

Until *plop* hey, wait a minute, more info is not supporting actually, it is aggravating, it is steering me in an ever more mental direction of thinking to know, to -understand- but it is a lie.

I don’t need more -information- to make my decisions, I need to find out what my decision -IS-, first, without my powerful mind, and listen to that body consciousness, and follow its directions.

I don’t need to know what Color 3 -means-, I need to -live- it.
To apply it, use it, and see how it responds, reacts, struggles, and observe that, notice it behaving. I don’t need to know what Gate the Moon is in right now to live it. Yes it is awesome to understand what energies are present right now, how I sample life differently, right now. But -knowing- what Gate it is in, does not change how I -experience- life, right now.
-edit- it actually does change the experience, but not for good, cause it steers the focus, it limits the openness of observation, because of pre-conceiving the experience, of setting the mind up for how the experience should/might/could look like in the first place.

And yes information of the framework of the how and why or when is interesting, but by just living it, it really does not matter if Reflectors are called Observers or Evaluators, and anyone (!) -selling- you that it does matter, has an agenda not to free you as a passenger, but is a prisoner of their own opinions on things, and help you become one too. And as we find our mental equals, we can salute each other and tap each other on the back for how fucking smart we are for knowing better than silly old Ra, but never outsmarting our own damn minds…

“Look at me, I’m pointing at the moon”, they say, look I changed HD and mixed it with this and that, want to hear my recipe, my version of how my mind made it -seem- better, so you can seem to feel better about it too. In your head?

No matter if you are called Richard Rudd, Karen Curry/Parker, Steve Rhodes or Juliane Hahn.
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