Lone Wolf Medicine

“Solitude and meditation is the lifeblood of the lone wolf. He (or she) can be found out on the fringes of society, mostly unseen until needed. They bask in otherworldliness. For them, the wild is both a dangerous bastion and a painful sanctuary that ruthlessly instills in them the difference between healthy and unhealthy, life and entropy, impermanence and permanence.

The lone wolf is busy connecting the finite with the infinite, dancing between worlds and bridging gaps with mystic recalibrations and relearned myth. That’s why they always find their way back to the pack (tribe). To teach and rejoin the people with the world. To rewire unhealthy and outdated cultural programming. To reconnect mortality with infinity.

The only thing they love more than this pack is the freedom to leave it. They must leave it, almost as much as they must return to it. There are borderlands to maintain, after all. There are crossroads to manage. There is a periphery to preserve. There is a horizon to upkeep so that the tribe can have something to grow and evolve into in a progressive and healthy way.

Behold, the lone wolf, living dangerously on the outskirts of the tribe. Stretching comfortable boundaries into vulnerable horizons. The lone wolf is a periphery keeper tasked with maintaining the delicate infrastructure that makes up the bridges between worlds. They are a magnetic beacon, vibrating at the crossroads, attracting new knowledge just as resolutely as they give it away. They go into the wilderness with courage and then reenters civilization with medicine in tow. They are a jostling juxtaposition that topples overreaching security with forthright freedom. The only things they fear are cages and domestication.”- Unknown