October 2017

Today is Dark Matter Day

2017 October 31

Dark Matter in a Simulated Universe 
Illustration Credit & Copyright Tom Abel & Ralf Kaehler (KIPACSLAC), AMNH

Explanation: Is our universe haunted? It might look that way on this dark matter map. The gravity of unseen dark matter is the leading explanation for why galaxies rotate so fast, why galaxies orbit clusters so fast, why gravitational lenses so strongly deflect light, and why visible matter is distributed as it is both in the local universe and on the cosmic microwave background. The featured image from the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium Space Show Dark Universe highlights one example of how pervasive dark matter might haunt our universe. In this frame from a detailed computer simulation, complex filaments of dark matter, shown in black, are strewn about the universe like spider webs, while the relatively rare clumps of familiar baryonic matter are colored orange. These simulations are good statistical matches to astronomical observations. In what is perhaps a scarier turn of events, dark matter — although quite strange and in an unknown form — is no longer thought to be the strangest source of gravity in the universe. That honor now falls todark energy, a more uniform source of repulsive gravity that seems to now dominate the expansion of the entire universe.

Source: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Lone Wolf Medicine

“Solitude and meditation is the lifeblood of the lone wolf. He (or she) can be found out on the fringes of society, mostly unseen until needed. They bask in otherworldliness. For them, the wild is both a dangerous bastion and a painful sanctuary that ruthlessly instills in them the difference between healthy and unhealthy, life and entropy, impermanence and permanence.

The lone wolf is busy connecting the finite with the infinite, dancing between worlds and bridging gaps with mystic recalibrations and relearned myth. That’s why they always find their way back to the pack (tribe). To teach and rejoin the people with the world. To rewire unhealthy and outdated cultural programming. To reconnect mortality with infinity.

The only thing they love more than this pack is the freedom to leave it. They must leave it, almost as much as they must return to it. There are borderlands to maintain, after all. There are crossroads to manage. There is a periphery to preserve. There is a horizon to upkeep so that the tribe can have something to grow and evolve into in a progressive and healthy way.

Behold, the lone wolf, living dangerously on the outskirts of the tribe. Stretching comfortable boundaries into vulnerable horizons. The lone wolf is a periphery keeper tasked with maintaining the delicate infrastructure that makes up the bridges between worlds. They are a magnetic beacon, vibrating at the crossroads, attracting new knowledge just as resolutely as they give it away. They go into the wilderness with courage and then reenters civilization with medicine in tow. They are a jostling juxtaposition that topples overreaching security with forthright freedom. The only things they fear are cages and domestication.”- Unknown

MoonBlog 45.2 Consensus

So, another Human Design Teacher described FaceBook as a whole, and HD groups in particular as the not-self world to me the other day. This got me to contemplate my role (t)here, again.

Because I realize these groups are devoid of true HD information, of what it is, and means, to live your design, properly. And yes even if your daily life looks different than mine, or yours, and yours too, the construct of it does not change, Strategy and Authority is not different in the framework of it. How openness works is not different. So I do my best to reply whenever I see or think something is off, when it is either diluting HD or if it is the complete opposite of what HD is, and yes, to me, this includes any kind of ritual, or using anything external for temporary relief, and any and all homogenization.

The comments I get in private and some of the likes from people who are experimenting for a while with HD is helpful. The comments from those that (usually) have not, is incredible. Hurtful even as they gang up, and pound and pound about the tone, about the ‘spirit’ of it, about who I supposedly am as a person, how offended they themselves are by my words about the content they have posted, about -what- they have said. Calling names, shouting and cursing in private messages, giving all kinds of moral pressures of their own frustration and anger, of which I am indeed the trigger but not the cause.

It is not my fault you never learned to communicate, never had any one say: “No, what you just said is untrue in my world and here is why”. And then is unable to deal with that and just gets into a fit and rage. And get all personal about you instead. And then 3 or 5 or 7 others join in with the same bullshit, convinced as they are, feeling empowered by the same stupidity, by the same beliefs.

And not once considering how this holding on to these old beliefs is the reason for their own suffering, for their own anger, for their failed outlook on life. This new age belief of make-ability of needing to be love, of needing to meet love only, for life to succeed, to feel better. And here are tools to feel better. not -be- better, no, -feel- it, perceive it, live in the illusion of feeling better. When year after year even being in groups as these, the suffering continues, and oozes out in the reactions, to people like me. To and about Human Design.
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SunBlog 57.1

Weirdos in the mail:

Weirdo: Sjef i have to say, i concur with [whomever], because i get contracted from reading your comments to others sometimes… Most of the time i resonate with the Content of your comments, or just find it a valid opinion, but not it’s spirit, and it feels that you write angrily, or without compassionate presence… I hope we can stay friends on FB after me writing this, as i feel we share a path, in a wide sense. I’m going to approach [.], and ask [.] to rejoin to group… presuming [.] is the one that left, and didn’t get throne out

Me: bullshit drama, do your thing, I do mine. You also talk not about the content of which I’m passionate about, but about the circumstances, as if you contracting is ANY indication of what I say is right or wrong. Don’t bother me with your moral nonsense, come on. The notion, the idea alone [.] was thrown out is so incredible, what the fuck even…? Did everyone lose their minds?

Weirdo: OK ….

Me: Yeah, consider for a moment what you want from me, by writing

Weirdo: If i want anything at all, it is from me… not from you… And i’m done.
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PTL 1 – Semester 1

The Human Design System is the absolute of the Mechanics of the Maya. Human Design is mechanical knowledge. Everything in Human Design is mechanical and entirely dualistic. How many times have you heard this kind of sentence since you have been introduced to it? It sounds good, doesn’t it?

And yet, by the time you have completed the ‘General Training’ (Rave ABC and Rave Cartography) the mind tends to be very busy trying to remember the different parts and views into which you have learnesd to deconstruct any Rave body Graph that is laid out in front of you.

The difficulty lies in putting all the pieces back together until they form a holistic mechanical unity in movement, or, what is the same, a human being experiencing the full spectrum of diversity in life. A human being, however, that is seen from a completely demystified black and white (red) perspective, in which the homogenized personality is always being faced with helplessness and incompetence as a bottom line existential dilemma. “We are objects moving in space”, Ra Uru Hu would say.

As a matter of fact, more than a human being, what we see in the surface of the Rave Body Graph is the homogenized drama of a human personality struggling with its own form, given the Not-Self conditionings that it is operating under without any real choice. It is only once the basic mechanical laws that rule over a singular chart are clearly understood, that choices do not carry any real meaning or value in what they can contribute to the development of the unique awareness.

In any graphical representation of logic –like in any other map you can find– everything is and has to be always based on hierarchies. Logis is the way of life. Feeling is the human way. Life is always basing everything on hierarchies that are logically structured, and to us humans this seems to be the quintessential denial of justice. because it seems to close the door to the possibility that we can ever truly feel like we are all equals. It is a cruel irony that the Not-Self is always only ‘one step away’ from awakening and liberation. But, ah, what a step this is!

Because this is not a step that you can make on the outside by changing any ‘this’ for ‘that’, but it rather represents an inner leap in awareness, a mutation that transforms everything on the inside while on the outside everything remains as it has always been. This is the power that an individual reading can have, of properly delivered.

The task is to develop the skills to clearly distinguish the inconsistency of the distorted qualities that feed and shape the mental body – where the Not-Self has constructed its fortress – from the organic and reliable truths that emerge when the inner authority of the body is in charge of conducting the life through correct decision making.

It has always been said that, as a visual science, Human Design Analysis is 50% technique and 50% art and creative self-expression. Since the artistic and creative part cannot be taught – it can only be demonstrated – it is essential that the technical part is properly grounded, and the assimilation of the different formulas and their applications is complete.

For this purpose I have developed a working schedule that resumes my over 24 years of professional dedication at the time of teaching this program, both in my personal practise as an analyst as much as in the training of new professionals.

Source: https://www.yourownauthority.com