Sieg X2P Paulimot mini mill belt drive conversion kit

– Low speed is now up to 1500 rpm, high speed is up to 4700 rpm (approximate values​​, was 1100/2500)).
– The small pulley has a 9 mm bore with 3 mm keyway. The large pulley has a 30 mm bore with a 5 mm keyway.
– Super precision aluminium pulleys.
– Special Polyurethane 60 degree V belt for small pulleys. Minimum flection resistance, minimum power loss, maximum belt life. Polyurethane 60 degree V belts (Mitsubishi) performs appropriate and best results for small size pulleys.
– More lightweight and aesthetic, higher durability.
– Wide sliding mechanism for a easy belt change.
– Practical automatic locking mechanism for the work spindle.
– Belt cover can be replaced quickly.
– Easy installation in a short time. Moreover, without making permanent changes to machine. via

Well, I chose to remove the plastic gears and axle with bearings, gear shifter etc 😉
Communication and shipping were excellent, needed a little wiggling to get the pulleys on the same height on my X2P, overall super satisfied, highly recommended.
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Sieg X2P Mini Mill Drill

New Old Stock

• X2 mill with fixed column and large table
• Cast iron for vibration free running
• 500W variable speed motor
• Coarse down feed for drilling operations
• Fine down feed control for accurate tool height setting

The SIEG X2P is a 230-volt drilling/milling machine with a speed range of 100 to 2,500 rpm. It is powered by a 350 watt brush motor. The power is transmitted via a 2-stage gearbox. A shift lever is used to choose between the high and low speed ranges. The speed can be continuously regulated within the two speed ranges. Thanks to the reduction in the gearbox, the X2P has sufficient torque even in the low speed range. There is no quill installed in the X2P. The feed in the Z direction is carried out by moving the milling head using a quick adjustment with a star handle or using the fine feed that can be activated. Milling and drilling work can be carried out with repeatable accuracy using the adjustable depth stop on the Z-pillar. In relation to its size, the X2P has large travel distances in the X and Y axes. All guides can be adjusted without play using pressure strips. The speed controller, the operating light and the holder for the fine fuse are located on the front of the control unit. The emergency stop button and the fault light are located on the left side of the control unit.
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