Clara Gómez

~ You have no choice • You are unique • Love yourself ~

“Human Design is not a marketing strategy, it is not a tool to Manifest your dreams, your desires, your higher being or to raise your frequency. It’s not an energy activation for you to unlock all your traumas in a 2hr session, vibe high, find your soulmate and your wallet bursting with abundant lies. It is not a fast or slow path to enlightenment, it is not a religion, a dogma, or a belief system. It is not ancestral spirituality modernized by any Guru, it is not a homogenized formula nor anyone’s personal idea or dream about humanity. It’s not healing therapy. It is not a mantra or a meditation. It is not a community in which its members are manipulated through the homogenized energy field that is created when they meet, and in which they carry out a series of activities that homogenize the individual direction of the attendees in a collective and distorted film in which everyone plays the same song while talking about differentiation and authenticity. It’s not a tool to gain power and recognition nor to aggravate your vanity believing you’re the Authority of no one but your own world.

It is a Logical and Mechanical Self-Knowledge System that reveals you how to make healthy and correct decisions for yourself outside of your mind, grounded in your form, being you. What it means that you recognize yourself as the first and last Authority in your life. Do not follow anyone at the expense of your own integrity, to any dogma, any belief of any kind, no promise, no expectation, no new man and/or woman. No philosophy, no illusion of power. Don’t look for answers, direction or purpose outside of yourself.
The opinion of your friends and society, what your parents instilled in you, your thoughts are NOT your Authority. The latest fashion therapy, it’s NOT your authority.

It’s a lonely experiment and journey, you with yourself facing your own truth. Seeing for yourself your own shadow and your own being, as it is and expresses itself, without needing to change or improve it. It is a process of differentiating what You Are and You Are Not in the reality of your physical, cellular, atomic form.
Everyone around you is just as lost and fucked up as you, there is nothing or no one to trust more than your own beating life.

Do you feel like your heartbeats are contaminated and suppressed by all sorts of things that have nothing to do with you? Are you stuck in everyone’s movie but your own? Do you really want to step into the darkness of your own existence and see for yourself, under the differentiated perspective of your own consciousness, instead of self-decieving yourself by following the carrot of your mind and/or anyone else’s? Have you spent hundreds of euros on all kinds of therapies and still don’t really like yourself, castrating parts of yourself to fit this or that vision? Struggling every day to find that one that allows you to know and recognize you, respect and love yourself for who you are and for what you are? Want to stop making decisions based on what your mind says and not genuine Authority of your own way?

Stop believing that no one but you has what you need and start following your strategy and authority, give it a real chance to Awaken the Non-Atomic Passenger by surrendering the mind to form.

Releasing yourself from all that conditioning that does not nourish you and does not allow your nature to express genuinely and with authenticity takes time, a minimum of 7 years, is a cellular and holistic process.

Are you ready for it?” – Clara Gómez