Rave Cosmology

MoonBlog 47.2 Ambition

Once gone through the Rave Cosmology series, none of it/this matters anymore. These concepts (gods, spirituality and their supposed containers to what is and is not included and which modality includes what part of this or that) just become superfluous, and that was fun to experience.

When things don’t need to make any sense anymore, cause conceptualising it makes no more sense.
Seeing that only the ego/mind seeks to hold on to them, or identify, or use as a crutch, or even as a navigational tool (living strictly by the rules of a religion or dogma or spiritual belief etc)

When you experiment and notice when you drop a few, as a test, nothing happened. Until you drop it all, and still nothing happened. Nothing bad per se. Looking at life through as little lenses as possible.
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The Voice

A Journey through the Plates

“The other thing that many people don‘t understand about that process and mostly because I simply don‘t talk about it very much is that calling it a voice tends to place it exclusively in that kind of realm, that it was an audio experience. I only call it the Voice because I don‘t have any other name to call it, that‘s how I met it, it was a voice. I know that there are many names for such a thing, but I assume that if the Voice had a name it wanted me to call it, it would have given it to me and it didn‘t. But the fact was that what it was that I was dealing with, the “Voice,” is not the same as the kind of experience I went through, which was very different. It was physical, mutative, it was painful, it was audio, visual, and it was more than that. It was being plugged in, in a way, to what one isn‘t necessarily designed to be plugged into. So, I guess that is how much time, 8 days, was necessary at that speed with that complexity of input to put inside of me all the information that was necessary.” – Ra Uru Hu, Rave Cosmology 1, the Bhan Tugh, lesson 1: the beginning before the start

The Drama of Profile

“…the design side. You have no conscious access to it, which means there is no way your mind can either interfere with it or truly grasp it. It has nothing to do with your mind.

And in terms of the not-self, the not-self does everything in its power to ignore it, even if that unconscious is the sole thing driving its definitions, because it has no access to it, none. When somebody enters into the experiment of Human Design, that experiment is cutting off the mind from trying to run the life and allowing the mind to become mind, to be involved in what it’s here for, which we’ll get to in a moment. But the moment you’re operating according to Strategy and Authority you’re automatically aligning your vehicle to its cognition and you’re automatically aligning your vehicle to a geometry, a trajectory, a direction, whatever language you want to use, that is absolutely correct for you…

…We have a dilemma with mind in Human Design because as not-self it really destroys our possibility to be able to perfect our process. But once you’ve entered into a process where your Strategy and Authority is making the rules for your life there are all kinds of possibilities then for the mind. It is its freedom. And this freedom is to be an outer authority, what you get from me. That is, my mind has value for you. It does not have the same value for me. That is, my mind does not tell me what to do so it is no longer my inner authority.” – Ra Uru Hu – Rave Cosmology VI – Profile, Purpose and Function

The Personality Has Nothing to Do with the Life.

“The body doesn’t care about you. Your vehicle doesn’t care about you. Your brain doesn’t care about you, that you think you think you are. It doesn’t. It’s living out a very, very deep, programmed, mechanical process that has a beginning, a middle and an end. You just happen to be a by-product of all of that, nothing more, nothing less. Left on the outside, not even allowed to enter the body, can you imagine.

Think about it. This illusion we have about soul, think about it. There you are in the womb just this perfect mechanical flesh bag; it’s perfect, this bio-mechanism, no Personality crystal, just the Design, just the Monopole. They build these machines, they run them, they drive them, and they kill them.

Then you have that moment, that moment where the Personality is going to be called in. But it’s not called in; it’s yanked into the orbit of the vehicle. That’s all.

It’s my joke when people ask me why I wear hats. It’s to keep my Personality crystal warm. It doesn’t even get to be in the body. Then you think that who you think you are runs your show. It’s hilarious. It’s sad; actually, it’s tragic comedy. It really is. There is the Personality stuck on the outside, don’t even let it in. And it’s the form that offers you those little aspects that you call Personality activations. It’s the form that creates that potential. It’s the form principle that sets the moment for bringing you in that is going to set the moment of your birth. It’s all fixed. It’s all a game. And the Personality sits on the outside. And it thinks that it is dying, and it’s not. It was never part of it anyway.

That’s the thing to really grasp. The Personality really has nothing to do with the life; nothing at all. It’s just a seduction to be pulled into the illusion; it’s just an illusion. It’s just the limitation of the primitiveness of the brainpan that we have, that this is the way that it functions. The illusion that we have that this is our vehicle, that this is our life. But in death the joke is revealed. In death the Design doesn’t even turn around and say good-bye to the Personality. It shows it its rear and the door, and that’s it, it doesn’t care.”
-Ra Uru Hu, RAVE COSMOLOGY: SEMESTER 3, Dying, Death and the Bardo Stages, LESSON TEN, Buddha’s Dream or How the Wheel Stops Turning
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Rave Cosmology: The Nature of the Stars

In ‘the Nature of the Stars’ we get to explore many stars that are seemingly far away but are located on the Elliptic of our Solar System. However interesting and rewarding it is to look at the position of the planets in our Rave Bodygraph, we usually only look at the imprinting of our Design and at the daily Transits. And while also understanding both the Sun and Jupiter are our greatest influences of Neutrinos, the Neutrinos come from all the stars, in all the galaxies.

And these far-away Neutrino streams also have influence on our lives, maybe even on our imprinting. And we can look at that. We can track the position of them through the ages and see what their influence is and has been. However remote they sometimes are, many light-years away, their consistency, the slow progression of their location relative to us, has given us this constant stream of influence and unfiltered consciousness.

To explore the background frequencies of the program, of that which is localized to our Solar System as the Cross of Planning and the upcoming Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, but then also what is happening way beyond it and thus beyond our daily contemplations and comprehension. Especially also for someone like me as I’ve lived in cities most of my life, to realize how disconnected I am, but most of us (western) humans are from the star field and their influences, but also from their beauty and their stories, the impressions the Chinese, the Persians, Babylonians, Arabs, the Mayans and the Egyptians had of these stellar objects.
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Human Design Rave Cosmologist Teacher

Something that started in October 2010 as a small seed in an email which only contained: “Rave Cosmology?” and what grew patiently larger during all these years since, and then triggered into higher gear through the death of Ra Uru Hu, finally after an interesting 250 hours of study during 15 months containing lots of drama, and then with even more intense focus in the 2 weeks that it took to prepare the exam papers I present you:


And a big shout out to –all– people who helped, supported and also to those that challenged me to explore me being a late bloomer more and further then ever before as all of you are a source of inspiration.

I hope you know who you are, since I may have forgotten a few of you that also deserve some form of credit, then please take it, it’s yours too 🙂

To read the exam paper go here: Rave Cosmology: The Nature of the Stars
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Rave Cosmology Teacher Training Certification Program


Rave Cosmology – Final Certification Course with Darshana Mathews begins January 11th. For more information please click here: http://www.ihdschool.com/School/Get/Course/403

Rave Cosmology is the esoteric and mystical side of Human Design.

**To download the Rave Cosmology Certification Program Brochure please Click Here**
**To listen to an audio preview of Lynda Bunnell talking about this course please Click Here**

For the first 18 years after the birth of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu focused on what was logical and empirical about Human Design. He often said: “Don’t believe me and do not trust me. Try it for yourself; test it for yourself. This is mechanical knowledge that can be tested by each and everyone of us”.

Once Human Design was established as a practical yet transformational tool, Ra Uru Hu felt a responsibility to bring forward the mystical side of Human Design by sharing his experience directly with us. He empowered us to carry this information forward to share it with the rest of the world generation by generation. Teaching the Rave Cosmology of Human Design is the opportunity to bring balance to this knowledge and to show how vast and profound the source of this knowledge really is. As Ra said, “It is time to give the Voice its due and allow this mechanical, simple view of the cosmology to be accessible and to be available.”
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Mystic Monologues

Rave Cosmology is the only program that has been running in the IHDS that opens up the opportunity for me to share the deep mysticism that is so much a part of what is my own process and what I like to consider is the magic that is connected to all of this. When I first started doing these kinds of courses I used to call them gray courses, just to have the opportunity to be able to look at things that aren’t necessarily important in any practical sense, which for me is like taking a vacation.


From the moment that I was given the knowledge I was deeply concerned about making sure that it was practical, that was delivered because that’s basically the thing that was going to allow it to survive and to be able to be transferred and to spread. But there are so many things about the nature of being that fascinate me and that I see with unusual eyes and I rarely have a chance to share any of that, and for me, because in the Rave Cosmology program this is, in fact, the last of the open seminars. I really felt this was a place where I could indulge my mystical side on this Jovian day. So, I will do so.

MoonBlog 30.2 Pragmatism

You know that moment, at the end of the night and u wake up, knowing, determent, clearheaded, when u realise things fall back into place, yes fall back into, as u come back to knowing that u realise stuff, more, when information has made sense. As the wind gently howls across the building in late autumn.

I was so stuck and fucked up just a few months ago, and clearly needed some kind of help, support, guidance perhaps, as I had wiggled my way into distress and mental suffering through reading stuff way over my head, trying to get things that one might not get from just reading, from reading someone else’s experience even, it simply does not always work that way.


So I guess I sort of booby trapped myself in my own process, and was reading both ‘The Experience of No-Self‘ by Bernadette Roberts as well as the very dark ‘Brahma’s Long Night‘ by Ra Uru Hu in the Rave Cosmology Teacher Training right after having finished the fucked up ‘The Nature and Mechanics of the Rave (2027)‘ semester which really did not make things any lighter, and it just fucked me up, big time. And here is the kicker, I got what was said even, that was tough to swallow, I got what was said, what was meant, I could follow this experience of Bernadette, but I could not possibly also share her experience or recognize it in my own life, my own perception of what she was sharing about. And so I came to a grinding halt

Zoned out and outshined

So I stopped, I stopped reading Bernadette while gently continuing Rave Cosmology, but giving myself some space and time, knowing I got fucked up, knowing I needed to take a breather, a step back, unwind the tension just a bit, and reorient myself. But first, just back off a bit, simply ease off, and not push myself over this edge of not understanding, of not having the same experiential knowing, and allow for that.
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The Nature of the Stars

The neutrino feed is the product of the life cycle of stars. Cosmologically, star life not only fueled the eventual evolution of biological life but also generates the entire maia program including timing and cycles.


In this course we will examine these mechanics, the nature and evolutionary role of specific stars, and the vital relationship between stellar evolution and the evolution of nine centered transitional awareness.

We will also consider starbirth in a Human Design context, some geometry of star motion and the Rave Mandala, and briefly consider simple means of synthesizing star placements into Human Design Chart interpretation.

Both magical and technical, this is both a very substantial and inspiring course.

Profile, Purpose and Function

If you have ever wondered about the specific nature of your mystical role or whether a mystical encounter was correct or distorted, this is the class for you.


Every line level profile also has a more specific below-the-line mystical pattern that is revealed in the geometry at the color level. In this semester we will consider mystical motivation, transference and geometry of all 12 profiles and their chain variations and also the matter of the archetypal encounter environment. Angels, demons, ghosts, gods, entites, aliens, and more.

We will also carefully consider the detail of color level below-the-line geometry and its movement, an important depth aspect of Profile Mechanics.

The Personality is not a Willful Passenger


“Let’s get rid of some lies. One of the lies that I’ve heard for years is that people actually believe that they choose their parents. I’ve heard this a lot. It always amazes me that anybody can imagine that. But then again, the vanity of human beings is overwhelming to me as it is.

You really have to understand the nature of a Personality crystal. The Personality crystal is software, and it simply does not operate unless it has hardware. It just doesn’t. Personality crystals don’t think. They filter consciousness, but they don’t think. What thinks is the hardware. It’s the software that simply programs it. Personality crystals out of the body don’t have a Personality. They’re not self-reflective. They don’t know what the fuck’s going on. They have no idea. They are just humming and vibrating in space. This lie, that that thing (the software) is going to choose the computer it’s going to go into, I find hilarious. It doesn’t. There is no choice in all of that.

There is, obviously, both rhyme and reason to incarnation. We live in a very complex and sophisticated program, and you do not come into the world with those that are not appropriate for you by program. In other words, what human beings like to do is to make up really good stories.” – Ra Uru Hu

“But this stork is quite tasty, isn’t it?”


Children of Men (2006)

In 2027, in a chaotic world in which women have become somehow infertile, the world’s youngest citizen has just died at 18, and humankind is facing the likelihood of its own extinction. Set in and around a dystopian London fractious with violence and warring nationalistic sects, Children of Men follows the unexpected discovery of a lone pregnant woman and the desperate journey to deliver her to safety to a sanctuary at sea.

Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Writers: Alfonso Cuarón, Timothy J. Sexton, David Arata, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, P.D. James
Stars: Julianne Moore, Clive Owen, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Michael Cain, Pam Ferris, Peter Mullan, Oana Pellea

Brahma’s Long Night and Beyond

Can you imagine a distant future where Earth is gone but at the same time most of our ancient personality crystals fulfill their ultimate fractal geometry by playing an epic and essential cosmological role?


If you can -great! If you can’t…no worries. Rave Cosmology V Brahma’s Long Night and Beyond is here to demonstrate the evolutionary destiny of life as we know it. It does so through a startling and enthralling juxtaposition of lyrical storytelling and substantial, powerful Human Design mechanics and cosmology.

Highlights include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of Global Cycles beyond the Rave
  • Detailed design analysis of the silica-based evolutionary form called Eron
  • Some of the farther reaches of juxtaposition theory, the surprising (or maybe not so) evolutionary destiny of the yang yang, and…
  • A revised Rave Mandala

Hear larger themes like the evolutionary roles of Carbon and Silica, changes in our solar system and the actual birth of the cosmos as told by Human Design will also be considered.

The implications and insights available for nine centered beings right here right now are some of the most exciting aspects of this very special “bookend” to The Bhan Tugh Plates. If you enroll in this class you could learn as much about yourself, your design, and the nine-centered bodygraph as you will about the Eron and the cosmos – not to mention gain a powerful new depth and skill with nine-centered Human Design circuitry. We will also be using playful props, art, and perhaps the knowledge students have in different fields to ground this information in the here-and-now.

Not only that, but while we’re at it, we also tend to have a really good time.
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The Nature and Mechanics of the Rave (2027 Education)

In 2027 the human story reaches a pivotal moment, according to the Human Design Revelation. Humanity will continue to move along its trajectory while a simultaneous specie-al mutation will open fresh genetic territories, except this time, the road less travelled will become the path of choice, and our human genetic line will slowly narrow.


The event coming in 2027 is described as the change in our Global Cycle from the Cross of Planning to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. At this time we will also see the emerging of the Rave, a species whose design can be found in our own transitional bodygraph yet has radically different circuitry, design, capabilities, and predilections.

Join us as we explore Solar Plexus Mutation and the design of the Rave for what promises to be a remarkable journey through:

  • The Big Picture revealed through the Global Cycles
  • The Mutation of the Solar Plexus in Stages and Detail
  • Detailed Comparison and Contrast of the Rave Design with 9 Centered Human
  • The ultimate potential and evolution of human awareness
  • The Conscious Penta
  • The elegance and power of Strategy and Authority as the human response and tool of choice.

Hear the story; learn to tell the tale, and join Rave Cosmologists already in training and gathering regularly in our lively, skilled, and vibrant private blog, in which you can also become a guest author.

Can anything be the same again?

MoonBlog 51.1 reference

Reading the 1st lecture of Rave Cosmology 3, Dying, Death and Bardo Stages, I suddenly think both my parents had a near complete Bardo (ie 72 hours) due to circumstances.


My father had a stroke while in the shower, at age 36. He was born with some kind of heart issue which he never spoke about. Even on our questions why he was never in military service he replied with: ‘feet too big’. Supposedly he should have taken better care of himself, on his health and body and nutrition. Personally I think this is complete bullshit and just an excuse to explain something unexplainable. For a while as a child I believed it, and it seemed to make sense. Now that I’m older I see the irrelevance of this nonsense talk. I mean we lived in a normal house with heating and plumbing and windows, we had enough meals a day for sustenance. And the food was regular food. I never saw him eat supposed horrible foods either. But I digress…

After the stroke, he was brought to hospital in the nearby city. We (me and my 2 sisters) were taken care of by hired help and were sent to school and such and I guess I visited once in that time, early on. He was there for about a week, maybe 2, until he died, unable to recover. But since we had not seen him for about a week, we lamented (at least I did, in my memory) of wanting to see him once more before his cremation, I can not say for certain if he was held underground or not, and I might find the actual dates and such, but I have this thought that our wanting to see him, gave him some time to leave correctly.
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Dying, Death and the Bardo Stages

You have had the same personality crystal for approximately 15 billion years. Your body becomes more evolved in every incarnation. When you die correctly, a simple matter, your newly refined awareness returns to its fractal home, enriches the totality, and moves on from there to its correct place in the cosmic flow.


In this eleven week semester we will look at:

-The elegant mechanics of the death process
-The very simple method of ensuring that you (or someone else) dies correctly
-When the personality crystal is unable to reunite with its correct geometry
-The bardo (death journey) sequence – the potential of the ultimate awareness journey and how to read it
-The fundamentals of the death reading itself (the aspect of the life that is only revealed with a time of death calculation).

This course also includes some analysis of the Power Column and some line level analysis of the Rave I Ching.

The gift of an individuated death is practical and simple to give or receive. In the wonder and scope of its underlying mechanics, it can also revitalize each remaining moment of life starting now. Please join me for what I suspect will be not only a deeply practical but deeply joyous journey.

The Six Mystical Ways

Among the many streams of the Bodygraph, the Mystical Circuit may be among the most magical and heretical. Spare yet highly mutative, this remarkable framework houses our complete mystical history and possible individual mystical and magical potentials.


Its four channels will be familiar to any student of the Bodygraph. However, the Way has an unusual construction, and this unique marriage of content and structure promises a particularly enthralling educational journey.

Together, we will travel its channels, gates, lines, keynotes, and pressures while also addressing the mystical stream as a powerful conditioning force. Since the mystical life of homo sapiens is currently undergoing transformation due to the mutation of the solar plexus, we will also consider the implications of this on the mystical trajectory and conditioning of each class member.

The Way itself will be illustrated with examples from the desert traditions of the Ancient Near East, the Tibetan court of King Trisong Detsen, Camelot/Avalon, and American Transcendentalism. With example chart interpretation, and question and answer periods.

The Bhan Tugh Plates

Before there was light, there was something else: the juxtaposition of the Bhan and Tugh. At the heart of this very special eleven week course are the Bhan Tugh Plates, created by Ra Uru Hu in 1994 to tell the story he was told on the first day of his encounter in 1987. They contain the keys to how the cosmos was conceived and then structured along a line of geometry that began approximately 15 billion years ago and continues unbroken to include you today.


The simplicity of these illustrated manuscript plates allows us to learn and share stages of juxtaposition and biverse conception, enriched by dark matter research and the dialogue between quantum mechanics and relativity. Other topics covered: the prime crystals and monopole, the origins of the neutrino stream, core fractal geometry, the birth of stars and consciousness. Dog, Camel and Center, the 88 Alphas, the mechanics of incarnation, specific planetary roles and triggers for mutation in our time, and also the dance of Phoenician cosmology with the Human Design revelation. This is the cornerstone offering of the Rave Cosmology Certification Program.

Lavishly complemented with easy-to-reference images (Quick Time) of forces like dark matter and star birth. And, of course, continuing the Rave Cosmology story telling tradition begun by Ra Uru Hu.