MoonBlog 51.1 reference

Reading the 1st lecture of Rave Cosmology 3, Dying, Death and Bardo Stages, I suddenly think both my parents had a near complete Bardo (ie 72 hours) due to circumstances.


My father had a stroke while in the shower, at age 36. He was born with some kind of heart issue which he never spoke about. Even on our questions why he was never in military service he replied with: ‘feet too big’. Supposedly he should have taken better care of himself, on his health and body and nutrition. Personally I think this is complete bullshit and just an excuse to explain something unexplainable. For a while as a child I believed it, and it seemed to make sense. Now that I’m older I see the irrelevance of this nonsense talk. I mean we lived in a normal house with heating and plumbing and windows, we had enough meals a day for sustenance. And the food was regular food. I never saw him eat supposed horrible foods either. But I digress…

After the stroke, he was brought to hospital in the nearby city. We (me and my 2 sisters) were taken care of by hired help and were sent to school and such and I guess I visited once in that time, early on. He was there for about a week, maybe 2, until he died, unable to recover. But since we had not seen him for about a week, we lamented (at least I did, in my memory) of wanting to see him once more before his cremation, I can not say for certain if he was held underground or not, and I might find the actual dates and such, but I have this thought that our wanting to see him, gave him some time to leave correctly.

My mother, some 10 years later, was popping Codeine and drinking some strong fruity alcohol with it, regularly. Embraced in a dark downers and wine cocktail. Until after many attempts to kick it, her final suicide attempt actually worked. But she was not found for 2 days they thought. So she was there in her own place, on the ground floor, leaving her body. As the Magnetic Monopole and the Design Crystal leave for the bundle in the Earth, and the Personality Crystal is taken up to it’s bundle in its “72-hour journey of the Personality of the passenger as it leaves the form; the perfect journey for the Personality. As a matter of fact, the ultimate dream of the Personality.” And then of course after having been found she was taken away and ‘handled’ and an autopsy surely followed, but I have no idea of the time frame or location then. And then also cremated a few days later.

Somehow, knowing they had at least a little time, comforts me. Even knowing hers was not a natural death as his was, knowing the timing is not mechanical perfection. Living life correctly is one thing, and they for sure had their struggles and their demons and whatnot. But to leave correctly, or as well as can be, wow. To be able to see their deaths in another way, in another light, from another angle, just wow.

MoonBlog 51.1
Gate 51 of shock, the arousing. The ability to respond to disorder and shock through recognition and adaptation.
Gate 51 Line 1 reference. The advantage of previous crisis experience
Exalted (Pluto) The gift of re-examination that is the foundation of preparedness. The power of the ego conditioned by experience.
Detriment (Venus) A tendency to emotional withdrawal after a shock. The weakness of the ego in times of challenge.