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Your HD Eulogy reads: Objective Generosity, and so it was, you will be sorely missed and celebrated ❤
your Crystal may be picked up by your bundle before Monday March 5th

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2/4 Hermit Messenger/Opportunist Buddha
PLL-DLR Active Observer Strategic Focused
Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx: People with an Individual direction whose unigue way of remembering experiences brings a living, vibrant past into the future. (Gates 13-7-1-2)

Channel of Struggle (28-38) A design of stubbornness
QUICK REFERENCE THEME: Your life is an archetypal hero’s journey against overwhelming odds. The goal is to remain yourself and go your own way no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

WHOLE CHANNEL: This is the “I did it my way” mentality. These people love a good fight and are here to hone themselves on life. They are also here to stand up for themselves, and consequently often have to go it alone. Because this is a projected channel, they need to have people in their lives that allow them to struggle. Theirs is a constant struggle between purpose and lack of purpose. The struggle in this channel is deeply individual and is punctuated by unpredictable periods of melancholy. Their fear of time running out drives them to get as much out of life as possible. However, these individuals actually give direction to society and can be of enormous value in empowering others. Their great strength is their stubbornness – they will not give up on something that holds meaning for them. Due to its connection to the spleen, this is a health channel. These people are always healthiest when pushing themselves, and they usually need to channel their fighting spirit into some form of enlivening, strenuous physical activity.

Canopus (Alpha Carinae)
Base 2

Triumph Thruxton 900