Rave Cosmology: The Nature of the Stars

In ‘the Nature of the Stars’ we get to explore many stars that are seemingly far away but are located on the Elliptic of our Solar System. However interesting and rewarding it is to look at the position of the planets in our Rave Bodygraph, we usually only look at the imprinting of our Design and at the daily Transits. And while also understanding both the Sun and Jupiter are our greatest influences of Neutrinos, the Neutrinos come from all the stars, in all the galaxies.

And these far-away Neutrino streams also have influence on our lives, maybe even on our imprinting. And we can look at that. We can track the position of them through the ages and see what their influence is and has been. However remote they sometimes are, many light-years away, their consistency, the slow progression of their location relative to us, has given us this constant stream of influence and unfiltered consciousness.

To explore the background frequencies of the program, of that which is localized to our Solar System as the Cross of Planning and the upcoming Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, but then also what is happening way beyond it and thus beyond our daily contemplations and comprehension. Especially also for someone like me as I’ve lived in cities most of my life, to realize how disconnected I am, but most of us (western) humans are from the star field and their influences, but also from their beauty and their stories, the impressions the Chinese, the Persians, Babylonians, Arabs, the Mayans and the Egyptians had of these stellar objects.

slide by Darshana Mathews for IHDS Rave Cosmology certification program

The mystical, the magical and the Cosmological perceptions of them for us as humans throughout the millennia. When our physical development of speech started and we got to give names to the things we saw. How also the color of the starlight itself gave the impression of being associated with this, or with that. With war or fortune, which to rely on for navigation, or which ones divide the heavens up in 4 parts. How some have remarkably similar stories for different peoples and cultures in different times, and some other interpretations can be vastly different in how they were perceived. And through which grew this long, long oral tradition of passing the information over to our children’s children.

And to get to see, at least in theory, how you personally and individually, are connected with those far away stars. Which Star is in range of your Link Node, the Design North Node of your Human Design Rave Bodygraph. And which descriptions, what influence they might hold for you. And then also to see to what extent, if you also have one of the planets fixing it in your chart as well, as we zoom into the details and specifics. And thus get to explore the gradient of possible influence for you.

But then also zoom out, to the generations that came before you and will come after you, to find your stellar family, those people who are born about 18.6 years before and after your Design date, and again before and after them. And perhaps, to investigate and experiment, to explore the possible influence of yours and their North Node Link star in you and them.

And lastly, to get to see, how each little bit of information of Human Design, the micro and/or the macro helps you, helps us, to help ourselves. That we learn to make our own decisions. Whether we won the lottery or are in a war zone, or at the closing of an era as the program shifts from Planning to the Sleeping Phoenix with everything that this holds for us. That we know, how to make our own decisions, and not need to be or feel like a victim, but instead become the full expression of us ourselves, regardless of outer circumstances. And live the life that is correct for us at peace, satisfied, successful and surprised as the 9-centered beings we already are.

Made by Sjef Romijn for The Rave Cosmology Teacher Training Certification Program