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I’d love to know if there’s anyone has come across a compendium/resources that goes through the colours, tones and bases for each line and there effects on the line (especially colours+tones, know bases can be quite difficult to comprehend). Would be great if there was something similar to the line compendium, as I prefer to take in written information . Know that there’s a lot of different variations so might be hard to come by, but would appreciate any advice!

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I think, the question is reverse thinking and so the answer does not exist. They don’t effect each other in this way.

Each Gate has 6 Lines. Each Line has 6 Colors, each Color has 6 tones, each Tones has 5 Bases.
It is like Kilometers, meters, centimeters, millimeters. So your Gate/Activation is like 65.789,983 kms aka
More on that here:

Base is (only) a theory because of inaccurate birthdata, not because they are difficult to comprehend either.
Start with the ‘Juxtaposed Unified Theory’ in the Black Book

For Gates:
For Lines

Then also understanding the Hexagram structure would help.

Human Design is a description of -potential- energies, but it is not math, so Gate 10 with Line 3 and Color 5 Tone 4 and Base 1 does not have a fixed way of expressing, versus someone with gate 10 Line 3 Color 4 Tone 4 and Base 1 as something to pinpoint and compare.

Except… in the Variables themselves. (pic in next comment)

HD describes globally the what and how, very accurately in comparison to other modalities that just homogenize through made up rules and morals, wishful thinking, magical thinking and plain false beliefs, but how we get to live these ‘traits’, we can only find out by living it, by entering the experiment.
See also pics like

Here too

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Gate 10 with Line 3 and Color 5 Tone 4 and Base 1
aka the Gate of the behaviour of the self, treading in Line 3 of the Martyr with Low Sound and Inner Vision, Being/Reactive

versus someone with gate 10 Line 3 Color 4 Tone 4 and Base 1
aka the Gate of the behaviour of the self, treading in Line 3 of the Martyr with Nervous Touch and Inner Vision, Being/Reactive

This does not -effect the Line- as such, nor its expression. The nervous Touch Martyr is still a Martyr just as the Inner Vision Martyr is a Martyr.

To pretend it is somehow different is exactly why there are so many ‘schools’ of HD now. Because their (ego)minds don’t get it and say there must be, because, because, because. Mind being the Driver.

Do you even orbit?

This 2 overviews above are wrong cause ‘they’ used orbit data –around the sun– to calculate how long a planet was in a gate or line, but the movement around the Rave Mandala wheel is an orbit –around Earth-.

So I did some calculations and came up with this:

Mercury as short as 358 days and as long as 405 days, on average 366 days.
Duration in one Gate: ~5.7 days
Duration in a Line: ~22.9 hours

Venus as short as 293 days and as long as 410 days, on average 369 days
Duration in one Gate: ~5.8 days
Duration in one Line: ~23.1 hours

Mars as short as 528 days and as long as 712 days, on average 679 days.
Duration in one Gate: ~11 days
Duration in one Line: ~42.4 hours

maybe 64Keys were right in their overview:

On Transits

“Hello everyone, I’d like to make an important clarification about following transits that is long overdue: This group is for those who are sincerely living their strategy and authority and understand that following astrological transits is very different from a nine centered point of view than it has been historically for many of those interested in astrology. Astrology originated in a seven centered era, when we were strategic beings focused on survival. Within that context there was rightly a strategic intent to following transits.

For nine centered humanity today, it’s clear to me that transits are not opportunities to do something. Even if you recognize a transit like mercury retrograde as an opportunity to re-evaluate things, it’s not an opportunity for your mind. Your mind will want to play out scenarios with that transit, all of which are not self strategies. You don’t know what things you’ll be re-evaluating, and how that will play out. You’re not going to get what your mind wants. It’s just something to be aware of as it’s happening to you and to others around you. It’s not wise to pencil into your calendar “time to re-evaluate my contracts” just because mercury is in retrograde. You don’t know that that is where your energy wants to go. I bet you will re-evaluate something, but you don’t know what, when, and how. You’re not in control of that. That’s mental intervention that inhibits the natural flow of your life.

We are conditioned by neutrinos, not in control of them. They will color your life according to roughly predictable themes, in the context of your design…pushing you in directions…but there is no way to utilize them for our own ends…attempting to do so is the definition of acting from the not self. There is merely identification with that transit energy or not, and even in that we have no choice. We can only see what we can see at any given time. We don’t get to choose to have the awareness to not succumb to transit conditioning. Just because you know a transit is happening doesn’t mean you’re beyond being pushed by it. But maybe you’ll notice the impersonality of it later, and that will be of value to you. One way or another, we are always going to be conditioned. If you have the energy to be aware of how and to what extent, lucky you.

Do you want to be a part of a group that is created for witnessing the transits as they activate lines, gates, and channels in our lives, recognizing these energies that are conditioning us, so as not to identify with them, not to make decisions because of them, and not to take their themes personally? That’s what this group is. And fortunately I have a volunteer to continue to post the sun gate and line transits daily. Understanding this astro context can help put the mind at ease, allowing us to truly see more as a witness, without grasping and identifying, and to ultimately help us clarify the difference between our nature that we can rely on and the transiting energies that are just weather.

Please feel free to comment if you need clarification on this important difference. The old orientation insidiously reinforces the not self mental control game, the new orientation liberates the passenger to see more clearly and relax into the form.”- James Alexander in the Human Design Line, Gate, and Channel Study

Planetary Transit Time Chart

Image by Cathy Kinnaird

Source: Channels by Type 4 – Understanding the Transit Program

Except that we don’t use the 29.5 days synodic cycle in Human Design, but the 27.3 days tropical cycle.
See calculations here: Lunar Cycle Calculations

And Mercury and Venus are off too, the mistake is around the Wheel (Earth) vs around the Sun, improved here:

Gate Line Color Tone Base percentages


Each Gate has 6 Lines (16.67% each) Each Line has 6 Colors, each Color has 6 tones, each Tones has 5 Bases (20%).
An activation is a point in time, measured by Gate, Line, Color, Tone, Base. These percentages show that, but are not important to remember themselves.

This picture shows it is at 7% of Base 4, which is identical to 61% of Tone 6, 61% of Tone 6 is identical to 93% of Color 3, 93% of Color 3 is identical to 48% of Line 6, 48% of Line 6 is identical to 91% of a Gate.

It’s like weeks, hours, minutes, or kilometers, meters, centimeters and so on. Its a scale (within a scale)
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