Brahma’s Long Night and Beyond

Can you imagine a distant future where Earth is gone but at the same time most of our ancient personality crystals fulfill their ultimate fractal geometry by playing an epic and essential cosmological role?


If you can -great! If you can’t…no worries. Rave Cosmology V Brahma’s Long Night and Beyond is here to demonstrate the evolutionary destiny of life as we know it. It does so through a startling and enthralling juxtaposition of lyrical storytelling and substantial, powerful Human Design mechanics and cosmology.

Highlights include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of Global Cycles beyond the Rave
  • Detailed design analysis of the silica-based evolutionary form called Eron
  • Some of the farther reaches of juxtaposition theory, the surprising (or maybe not so) evolutionary destiny of the yang yang, and…
  • A revised Rave Mandala

Hear larger themes like the evolutionary roles of Carbon and Silica, changes in our solar system and the actual birth of the cosmos as told by Human Design will also be considered.

The implications and insights available for nine centered beings right here right now are some of the most exciting aspects of this very special “bookend” to The Bhan Tugh Plates. If you enroll in this class you could learn as much about yourself, your design, and the nine-centered bodygraph as you will about the Eron and the cosmos – not to mention gain a powerful new depth and skill with nine-centered Human Design circuitry. We will also be using playful props, art, and perhaps the knowledge students have in different fields to ground this information in the here-and-now.

Not only that, but while we’re at it, we also tend to have a really good time.

Made by Mary-Ann Winiger
Made by Mary-Ann Winiger