The Nature and Mechanics of the Rave (2027 Education)

In 2027 the human story reaches a pivotal moment, according to the Human Design Revelation. Humanity will continue to move along its trajectory while a simultaneous specie-al mutation will open fresh genetic territories, except this time, the road less travelled will become the path of choice, and our human genetic line will slowly narrow.


The event coming in 2027 is described as the change in our Global Cycle from the Cross of Planning to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. At this time we will also see the emerging of the Rave, a species whose design can be found in our own transitional bodygraph yet has radically different circuitry, design, capabilities, and predilections.

Join us as we explore Solar Plexus Mutation and the design of the Rave for what promises to be a remarkable journey through:

  • The Big Picture revealed through the Global Cycles
  • The Mutation of the Solar Plexus in Stages and Detail
  • Detailed Comparison and Contrast of the Rave Design with 9 Centered Human
  • The ultimate potential and evolution of human awareness
  • The Conscious Penta
  • The elegance and power of Strategy and Authority as the human response and tool of choice.

Hear the story; learn to tell the tale, and join Rave Cosmologists already in training and gathering regularly in our lively, skilled, and vibrant private blog, in which you can also become a guest author.

Can anything be the same again?