Dying, Death and the Bardo Stages

You have had the same personality crystal for approximately 15 billion years. Your body becomes more evolved in every incarnation. When you die correctly, a simple matter, your newly refined awareness returns to its fractal home, enriches the totality, and moves on from there to its correct place in the cosmic flow.


In this eleven week semester we will look at:

-The elegant mechanics of the death process
-The very simple method of ensuring that you (or someone else) dies correctly
-When the personality crystal is unable to reunite with its correct geometry
-The bardo (death journey) sequence – the potential of the ultimate awareness journey and how to read it
-The fundamentals of the death reading itself (the aspect of the life that is only revealed with a time of death calculation).

This course also includes some analysis of the Power Column and some line level analysis of the Rave I Ching.

The gift of an individuated death is practical and simple to give or receive. In the wonder and scope of its underlying mechanics, it can also revitalize each remaining moment of life starting now. Please join me for what I suspect will be not only a deeply practical but deeply joyous journey.