Rave Cosmology is the only program that has been running in the IHDS that opens up the opportunity for me to share the deep mysticism that is so much a part of what is my own process and what I like to consider is the magic that is connected to all of this. When I first started doing these kinds of courses I used to call them gray courses, just to have the opportunity to be able to look at things that aren’t necessarily important in any practical sense, which for me is like taking a vacation.


From the moment that I was given the knowledge I was deeply concerned about making sure that it was practical, that was delivered because that’s basically the thing that was going to allow it to survive and to be able to be transferred and to spread. But there are so many things about the nature of being that fascinate me and that I see with unusual eyes and I rarely have a chance to share any of that, and for me, because in the Rave Cosmology program this is, in fact, the last of the open seminars. I really felt this was a place where I could indulge my mystical side on this Jovian day. So, I will do so.