October 2015

The Nature of the Stars

The neutrino feed is the product of the life cycle of stars. Cosmologically, star life not only fueled the eventual evolution of biological life but also generates the entire maia program including timing and cycles.


In this course we will examine these mechanics, the nature and evolutionary role of specific stars, and the vital relationship between stellar evolution and the evolution of nine centered transitional awareness.

We will also consider starbirth in a Human Design context, some geometry of star motion and the Rave Mandala, and briefly consider simple means of synthesizing star placements into Human Design Chart interpretation.

Both magical and technical, this is both a very substantial and inspiring course.

Accessories wishlist

Elektron Overhub (7x USB 3.0)
Elektron Overhub (7x USB 3.0)

Elektron Overhub: Connect up to 7 units to a single host computer for maximum productivity. A USB hub for the modern studio: Naturally, Overhub is fully compatible with all USB peripherals. And it works in the most convenient manner too as operation is completely driverless. Clever tech: Multi TT technology ensures ultimate USB data transfer performance. Every bit in its right place, at the right time. Overhub is a top performer. Feature highlights: 7 USB ports, supports USB 3.0, fully compatible with all USB peripherals, MTT technology for efficient merging of multiple USB Full speed (12 Mbit/s) streams, driverless operation.

Roland RH-5 over-ear headphones
Roland RH-5 over-ear headphones

The Roland RH-5 headphones are perfect for electronic musical instruments such as Roland’s digital pianos and V-Drums. Equipped with high-performance drivers and large-scale housings, these headphones provide quality sound and a comfortable fit. From musical-instrument practice to audio-playback applications, RH-5 delivers exceptional performance. Equipped with high-performance φ40mm drivers for dynamic, quality sound. Provides a natural, flat response that’s balanced across the frequency spectrum (10–22,000 Hz) Large-scale, lightweight design for secure and comfortable fit. Conversion plug (included) accommodates standard and mini headphone connectors.

M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 Keyboard Controller
M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 Keyboard Controller

M-Audio Axiom Air mini 32 Keyboard and pad controller is customizable with simple plug n’ play operation with all popular digital audio workstations via hypercontrol. 32 expressive, low-profile velocity-sensitive keys, 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads x2 banks, 8 assignable knobs for immediate control over fx, panning, etc Packs big-keyboard features into a small package, octave +/- buttons, sustain, pitch bend and modulation buttons and dedicated transport controls.

Behringer XM8500 Dynamic Microphone
Behringer XM8500 Dynamic Microphone

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Reaper license
Reaper license

REAPER is a complete digital audio production application for Windows and OS X, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset. REAPER supports a vast range of hardware, digital formats and plugins, and can be comprehensively extended, scripted and modified. REAPER’s full, flexible feature set and renowned stability have found a home wherever digital audio is used: commercial and home studios, broadcast, location recording, education, science and research, sound design, game development, and more. From mission-critical professional environments to students’ laptops, there is a single version of REAPER, fully featured with no artificial limitations. You can evaluate REAPER in full for 60 days. A REAPER license is affordably priced and DRM-free.

Hercules XPS 2.0 80 DJ Monitor
Hercules XPS 2.0 80 DJ Monitor

The Hercules XPS 2.0 80 DJ Active Monitor speaker system comprises 2 compact wooden satellites, designed to reduce clutter in your home studio. The front face’s curvature has been calculated to ensure a clear and balanced sound flow. Each satellite features a silk-dome tweeter, for sharp and pure treble. At the center of each satellite, a 4-inch woofer with a Kevlar diaphragm – a material offering consistent performance, that is less subject to deformation than other materials – delivers ample and homogenous medium and bass sounds. The front face features a dual port system to receive and assess all the bass frequencies.

Foundation Reading optional

Dear Living Your Design Guides,


After extensive consideration, and a great deal of feedback over the past few years, the IHDS and Jovian Archive are making a modification to the educational standards as it pertains to the Living Your Design Workshop.

In 2006, Ra Uru Hu created the Living Your Design Workshop Guide program as an experiential program for newcomers. The spirit behind the Living Your Design Workshop is that the LYD Guides are now the entry point for those new to Human Design. The LYD Guide program has been met with an amazing response, and we now have hundreds of front line workers ready to assist and introduce people to Human Design. This is wonderful news!

1) We are modifying the standards to remove the ‘requirement’ that before someone participates in the LYD workshop they must have a Human Design reading. Hence forth, the Foundation reading can take place either before, or after the Living Your Design Workshop.

2) A student must have a Full and Certified Foundation reading from a Certified Analyst before entering the Foundational Education phase of Human Design Education, which begins with Rave ABC’s.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Lynda Bunnell
The International Human Design School

MultiTrack Recorders

You are already that….

You said yesterday that surrender happens when there is no ego,
but we are with egos. How can we move towards surrender?


“THE EGO is you. You cannot move towards surrender; in fact you are the barrier, so whatsoever you do will be wrong. You cannot do anything about it. You simply, without doing anything, have to be aware. This is an inner mechanism: whatsoever you do is done by the ego, and whenever you don’t do anything and remain just a witness, the non ego part of you starts functioning. The witness is the non-ego within you and the doer is the ego. The ego cannot exist without doing anything. Even if you do something to surrender, it will strengthen the ego and your surrender will become again a very subtle egoistic standpoint. You will say, ‘I have surrendered.’ You will claim surrender, and if somebody says that it is not true, you will feel angry, hurt. The ego is now there trying to surrender. The ego can do anything; the only thing that the ego cannot do is non doing, witnessing.

So just sit silently, watch the doer, and don’t try in any way to manipulate it. The moment you start manipulating, the ego has come back. Nothing can be done about it; one has just to be a witness to the misery that ego creates, of the false pleasures and gratifications that ego promises. Doings in this world and doings in the other world; the spiritual world, the Divine, the material, whatsoever the realm, the doer will re main the ego. You are not supposed to do anything and if you start doing something you will miss the whole point. Just be there, watch, understand, and don’t do. Don’t ask, ‘How to drop the ego?’ Who will drop it? Who will drop whom? When you don’t do anything, suddenly the witnessing part is separate from the doer; a gap arises. The doer goes on doing and the seer goes on seeing. Suddenly, you are filled with a new light, a new benediction: you are not the ego, you have never been the ego; how foolish that you ever believed in it.

There are people who are trying to fulfill their egos; they are wrong. There are people who are trying to drop their egos; they are wrong. Because when the witness arises you simply see the whole game. There is nothing to be fulfilled and nothing to be dropped. The ego is not of any substance. It is made of the same stuff that dreams are made of. It is just an idea, an air bubble — just hot air within you and nothing else. You need not drop it, because in the very dropping or in asking how to drop it, you believe in it, you are still clinging to it.

It happened that a Zen Master awoke one morning and he told his disciple, ‘I had a dream in the night. Will you please interpret it for me?’
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What you take to be the “I” in the “I am” is not you.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

“To know that you are is natural, to know what you are is the result of much investigation. You will have to explore the entire field of consciousness and go beyond.

A general longing for liberation is only the beginning; to find the proper means and use them is the next step. The seeker has only one goal in view: to find his own true being.

The idea of enlightenment is of utmost importance. Just to know that there is such possibility changes one’s entire outlook. It acts like a burning match in a heap of saw dust. A spark of truth can burn up a mountain of lies. The very hearing of it is a promise of enlightenment.

For self-realization you need a well-ordered and quiet life, peace of mind and immense earnestness.” Nisargadatta Maharaj