March 2024

Gate 57 Line 3 Acuteness

In the collective and in the tribe, there is no recognition for Reflectors, they are not seen/acknowledged, asked, initiated, prodded. Except talked about in the third person sense.

Only in individual interaction, are they seen
and maybe/perhaps even praised for their impact and influence, their razor sharp perception and guidance. Yet, however, even then not by many.

For the hard hearing and newbies: the HD ‘community’ is most certainly not excluded from this. Just mechanics and duality.
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MoonBlog 47.2 Ambition

Once gone through the Rave Cosmology series, none of it/this matters anymore. These concepts (gods, spirituality and their supposed containers to what is and is not included and which modality includes what part of this or that) just become superfluous, and that was fun to experience.

When things don’t need to make any sense anymore, cause conceptualising it makes no more sense.
Seeing that only the ego/mind seeks to hold on to them, or identify, or use as a crutch, or even as a navigational tool (living strictly by the rules of a religion or dogma or spiritual belief etc)

When you experiment and notice when you drop a few, as a test, nothing happened. Until you drop it all, and still nothing happened. Nothing bad per se. Looking at life through as little lenses as possible.
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Taig Peatol Grimberg mini lathe

After not liking some elements of the first lathe I got, the Emco Unimat 4 I went looking for another one, that did have those features or differently than this Emco, while still being quite small in size, but not capability.
An Emco Compact 5 was an option, cause it could also do threading, but most for sale were too expensive for their age/usage and not a lot were offered anyways. The 2 major other ones were Sherline and Taig (also known als Peatol or Grimberg) and even if Sherline also makes a lot of stuff in metric, you just don’t see them sold in EU much, Taig however, even if not metric, was. And then I found one.

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We gaan winnon!

According to Joost himself: “‘Europapa’ is about an orphan who travels throughout Europe (and beyond) to find himself and tell his story. At first, people don’t recognise him, but he goes on seizing any opportunity he gets to let himself be seen. ‘Europapa’ is a tribute to my father. When bringing me up, he passed on to me an expansive view of the world”

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