Mystical Ways

The Six Mystical Ways

Among the many streams of the Bodygraph, the Mystical Circuit may be among the most magical and heretical. Spare yet highly mutative, this remarkable framework houses our complete mystical history and possible individual mystical and magical potentials.


Its four channels will be familiar to any student of the Bodygraph. However, the Way has an unusual construction, and this unique marriage of content and structure promises a particularly enthralling educational journey.

Together, we will travel its channels, gates, lines, keynotes, and pressures while also addressing the mystical stream as a powerful conditioning force. Since the mystical life of homo sapiens is currently undergoing transformation due to the mutation of the solar plexus, we will also consider the implications of this on the mystical trajectory and conditioning of each class member.

The Way itself will be illustrated with examples from the desert traditions of the Ancient Near East, the Tibetan court of King Trisong Detsen, Camelot/Avalon, and American Transcendentalism. With example chart interpretation, and question and answer periods.