August 2023

It is not a struggle, but you have to accept both, not just one.

“Come to your own darkness, and accept the mechanical. Linger in light, but the mechanical demands a strategy. It is not a struggle, but you have to accept both, not just one.

Accept being in the Maia fully, and living your type seamlessly. You’ll get the normal chaos of human life, plus this deep, deep quiet, which is the recognition of the mechanical and your own helplessness in that.

The mechanical is at peace in the Maia and okay with what happens. After all, it’s not up to us; it never will be. Letting go is not a philosophy, but takes seven years. You have to go through the pain, as the Maia is dense. By working your way through it and grasp it deeply, then you can jump out of all of that.

Get to point where you are saying, “Yes, there are these two domains – the movie here and the truth of the mechanics there. I have no problem with those two living with each other.”

Life goes on, and nothing changes, as you still make your choices in the Maia. If you enter the Maia process correctly, live in the Maia correctly, then it won’t constantly occupy you. By accepting these two ways, these two forms, you see that you create one and experience the other. In that acceptance, one truly awakens.

In your own way you’re your own process, you will get to that point, and get to see the state of awareness. So take out the garbage. We think it’s so special, but really it’s not a privilege or a right. If you move correctly, you get the reward. No choice in that.” – Ra Uru Hu