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Just like when learning to play a musical instrument, Living Your Design takes practice. Knowing about Human Design for 5 years or even 10, knowing about some descriptions of our type and even owning some books or courses, do just as little for us, as if buying that fancy guitar, knowing all about the wood and other materials that are used, but never ever touching it.

Not learning how to tune it, let alone actually learning to playing it. Whether it being strumming along with someone else, or playing a solo or even making compositions.

Human Design, and Living Your Design is not about how much we know, but about applying it, using it, studying how to use it. Getting examples from others that are using it, and seeing if that relates to anything we know from our own experience of life, or maybe in having seen this in others.

There is nothing wrong with more information per se, actually some information can really support us in seeing things just a little different, an angle we could not see for ourselves, from our own perspective. But then to apply this tool of Human Design, this tool of our Strategy, in our daily life, in our decision making, is truly where it all starts. Or… never gets to start.


As our minds tell us we will never be able to grab that chord, or play as fast as someone else, we make mental decisions with mental arguments to convince ourselves of our inabilities. Which is exactly what we have always done before. It will keep us in the same experience of life that we have always known, only some events are different, some people may have changed, but the structure and outcome will never change.

We won’t play the guitar, we won’t Live Our Design, but continue to talk about how fancy the guitar is, or which other one may be better. How cool our supposed abilities are, how wise we may become in our openness, without every actually going there to experience that actual wisdom.

Afraid as our minds are, to break a string, or even drop the damn thing, to be made a fool of in front of others, we rather wallow in our misery, that is so familiar, and with which we have grown to identify our lives with. To struggle, and disagree with this and that and o yeah, that too.

If we are ready to become free from the clutches of our past, from all that we have known so far, then maybe, find someone who can actually assist you in the first steps of that experience, of Living Your Design.

Not just more information that seems so yummy but probably only acts as another burden, but actual support us with the Strategy to make decisions as ourself. Support with finding out how that works for us. What our actual truth really is. Practice takes effort, and some may go faster than others, so the key is to love yourself too, in that path of whatever your tempo is.

But make sure there is an actual tempo though.
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