MoonBlog 46.2 The prima donna

Stupid body …

-So, here I am, after days of browsing, looking/listening, finally registered (red: on the humandesignglobal ning forum) and found many more people here than anticipated. So now even more access to all these peoples journeys, very good. Great initiative and very wanted/needed (oeps there goes my transference), tnx to Eden and I believe Alissa.

Feeling different all my life, but not in my body, especially in my mind! The things I sense (with this mind) the things I grasp still amazes me, and hardly anyone around understands now or then. Until I met Ray a projector who did ‘see’ something and pointed me through Jean Philippe his reflector brother (Lippy!) towards HDS. What knowledge! What complexity explained, how intriguing, for my mind!

I am a reflector! Woohoo!

Hm, o yeah there is this body too, a nuisance. Freezing up my brain when someone interesting is in my aura, wanting all kinds of things from the outside, like food or exercise, hmpf..

Anyways, my mind dived in deeper, not understanding, not fully comprehending, but eager, so so eager for more, more! Things started to make sense, mentally, not just for me, also about (not for) everybody around me, past and present. What a treasure.

Bought all kinds of books, read almost any webpage I could find in 3-4 languages (some very greedy), talked with and to all people close to me about and of it, phew, until slowly I conquered the steep initial learning curve. I made it, I was through ! I started comparing all gathered charts, and trying to make sense of all of them, comparing how I had perceived the person In Real Life, and what I thought the charts said, and so on. I was getting on top of the world. This is where my future would lie, enough of this dull stupid life filled with meaningless monotony. Real genuine life at my fingertips!

I only had my 1 reading, nothing else really, the rest was all down to my own interpretation and all these books and websites, me and my mind, the best friends ever. My most prized body part (I still *kuch* think that) and then I was a -just a little bit- anxious for more, everywhere I read they said there was more, for money, sure, but more more more ! A little bit of thinking, looking at it from different angles, checking my bank account, conquered my reservations and fears (o yes many of those) and booked an apartment and flight to ibiza ! 🙂

Here I would meet my destiny, my life’s fulfillment, and interesting people, have uplifting lectures, although I really really tried to go with no agenda at all, nothing specific to ask, no writer to point at the typos/errors, just to grasp the whole thing. Luckily I did that…