MoonBlog 37.3 Evenhandedness

What Human Design

Or should I say –which-…?

“My teaching is a raft whereon men may reach the far shore
The sad fact is that so many mistake the raft for the shore”

As you may know (or not), there are different variations on HDS, up till now I found 4:

(basic) Human Design System by Ra Uru Hu and Jovian. The first, the revelation, the original, absolutely mind-blowing and fantastic. The depth of insights and possibilities of studying are phenomenal. And although it made and makes me see (my) life in a whole new perspective, I felt it was not complete (for me), missing something, even though I’m still a newbie. After reading the Living Your Design manual it dawned on me, (b)HDS is (only) about the body, where spirituality/transcendence is a by-product. And at this moment in my life, that’s not good enough 🙂

Integral Human Design. After reading ‘Opening doors with Gene Keys’ by Richard Rudd I did a search on him and found this posting/article about his ‘departure’and this made me curious and stumbled upon his view/take on things (Venus Sequence among others) and just recently he made the newest of these known on his website about Integral Human Design, which is combination of the bodygraph, Spiral Dynamics and the Integral Approach and this synthesis has 3 distinct steps, or signposts:
-living your shadow (out of fear, egocentric, low level consciousness)
-living your potential (relaxed, sociocentric, self at its best)
-living your essence (transcendence and much much more)
So to me, I found it gives something tangible to work at.

No marketing name for it, but nonetheless: Human Design by Zeno
When reading this page on Zeno’s webpage I almost immediately ordered her Course in Human Design together with the Hua-Ching Ni’s I Ching mentioned and the ephemeris (no have not done the course yet). I like the prospect of things flowing and not dogmatic of stigmatic, even though they can be handy at first to grasp stuff. But repetitive regurgitating things from others are not really my thing.

Multi Dimensional Human Design by Eleanor Haspel-Portner. I came across some pdf files about the statistical research to verify the validity of HDS and started reading more and eventually ended up reading about Multi-Dimensional Human Design here and here and especially Cosmic Secrets Revealed is a great introduction.
Mind you, 8 bodygraphs is a lot for me right now because I cannot even read or fully understand the 1st basic one yet. And my knowledge of all the things (b)HDS is a synthesis of (chakra, astrology, kabala, etc) is very limited, so I still have a lot of catching up to do.

But now I feel more complete in my search for ‘truth’ and awareness, consciousness and spirituality, and maybe someday transcendence. Flowing, multi-dimensional and spiraling, where to I’m not sure yet.

So coming back to the Buddha quote: (b)HDS is a raft for me, and I feel that Zeno, Richard and Eleanor make the raft into a luxurious ocean liner. Now let’s see whether I want to keep going from port to port, or maybe find a place to go ashore somewhere in a distant future.

Also I noticed in this first year of looking into HDS that a lot of people are coming from or still are into Osho/Bhagwan and am curious how/why, does anyone wants to elaborate? Or wherever you’re from anyways?

And also: I welcome any reply about errors in my view or judgement.

Add-on regarding multi-dimensional HDS:
Also, I found that the ‘rules and regulations’ for a reflector did not always sound complete, or adequate. Sometimes I did not have to wait for xx days. (b)HDS seems to be only about my waking mental body, where is my spiritual me? Then I found out there is a hormonal me too, and a dream/sleep me..

I had a telephone conversation with Eleanor and she said: “You are spiritual for others, you take in information, digest it for about 6 nights (!) and then you hand out/give away what you have found in it.”

And it made sense (hey so many of them do, right), but it made sense why I do not always feel (only) as a reflector, regardless of my mooncycle that activates stuff.
So here is her overview of me:

Consious Waking Reality: Reflector
Spiritual and Dream (REM): Projector
Emotional Underlay: Projector
Physical/Hormonal Underlay: Reflector

Relate in the Interactive World: Generator
Spiritual Drive towards expression in world: Generator
Emotional Relating: Reflector
Physical/Hormonal Timer: Reflector
Approach to Life: Projector
Response to Life: Generator
Manifesting Life (all combined): Manifesting Generator

O and Kiron is in Gate 17.2 or 17.3 in most of them, and once in 25.5