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On the roof

-So here we all are, Ibiza 2009

Yesterday I also went up the hill to this nice church, but guess what, on a Sunday, they have services in this catholic country, so it was pretty crowed up there. It was a nice walk for this waking mental body, up the stairs on one side and down the other. What a nice view up there, and nice and warm without shade, a great time for some reflection.

Also yesterday I really froze up again, when Alissa was doing some yoga in my aura, I could not say anything anymore, just continue smoking my cigarette, and focus on other stuff (the surroundings, the weather) I hate it when that happens. Before this we had a nice friendly contact, and I thought it would be nice if maybe later we would chat some and get to know her a little, like with some of the other people here. Luckily I actually only froze, and did not get overwhelmed or anything, and would have been ‘forced’ to go away, but the experience was bad/sad nonetheless.

Today started checking out the Vodafone shop for an USB modem to have internet on my laptop in my apartment, but the dude said they have a lack of a lot of things on this island, including modems…

Monday April 6 from 17.00 to 18.00 NEW LOOKS ON THE 6TH LINE Price: $ 90 Experience shows clearly that the abstract formula of the phases of the 6th line is merely a starting point. In this lecture we will look how different this turns out in real life and therefore deepen our understanding of the 6th line process. This will be concretized particularly for those with 4/6 and 6/2 profiles. with Peter Schöber

The lecture for me today was about the 6th Line with Peter Schöber, and that was really amazing, not only what he told but also the way he did. Really passionate, pausing every now and then, not for us to be able to write down what he just said, but because of his own feelings telling it.
He said he found 5 stages instead of 3:
-0-27 years, trusting, subjective, participating, looking for fulfillment
-27-33 years, end of naive experiment
-33-47 years ( with the not unimportant Uranus opposition somewhere in between Which is tougher if much compromises in years before) with two 7 year cycles. After 33 more actively involved in ‘normal’ life (marriage/work) and where 40-47 is the 2nd transition, compromise, balance, looking for solutions (and around age 40 entering into HDS 😉
-47-53 years, end of compromise, losing your skin, dramatic or not depending on how integer (!) or not you are/have been.
-53-+ years, role model, integer or not (!). Where (finding this) integrity is the surprise for the reflector

Afterwards I notice that people are more self absorbed after any lecture than before one. Sure I too have to let all this sink in, but since I know I can’t do that on the spot and it takes time, and get the audio later, I’m ready for more interaction, which most apparently are not. So I’ll change ‘strategy’ and will come some time before lectures but not stay long afterwards.

And not a lot of philosophizing, it’s all about this gate/line/centre bla and not much about life itself and the endless possibilities. Except when I meet up with the 2 earlier mentioned projectors. Much richer conversations. But maybe people are not that open as easily as I am.

These days I meet several other reflectors: Nisarg, this beautifully gracious reflector, Dirk who activates my throat so I babble away an hour easily and Gaby, which I speak very little unfortunately. So nice to see and realize that reflectors are even more different from each other than all the other types, and at the same time do have such similarities (relationships most probably?)

I feel more at ease, hanging around, although I still have a certain nervousness over me, which I find difficult to shake loose, and therefore some short interactions go really weird and then I think ‘I wish I said this or done that’ blabla, I can’t be to bothered with it really. Lippy and I email frequently now and he says in almost every email: don’t identify with it ! Which makes me smile inside and out 🙂

I realised I did have one item on my agenda tough: should I, and also importantly -could- I be an analyst, only when and to whom to pose such a question? And so the answer to that question would have to wait a bit…