MoonBlog 12.5 The pragmatist

Batteries not included

– So another day in paradise Ibiza 2009, no lectures for me on Tuesday, and found out some projectors took -all- lectures, which amazes me.

I know projectors get a discount because they ‘should’ know it all (what about reflectors then…?), and have more difficulty knowing it all (especially if they’re not interested :), but -all- 4 lectures per day for 9 days straight? How can you ever start to grasp that then…?

Ok sure because of this submersion you most likely start to see patterns and stuff and maybe it does help to let it sink in more, but the lectures are so divers topic wise, even if I had the money I would not. But maybe that is my knowing of how I ‘gestate’ information.

In the mean time another question: how would it/life be for an active (Design Left) projector or (mf/)generator? Their strategy is to wait/respond, but being active poses difficulties I would imagine.

I went back to the USB modem shop, and he said probably this coming Sunday as they still have not arrived, even though on the mainland they said they’ve send it. I told him I leave on Saturday, and went back for my daily cup of tea with sandwiches to Duquesa lunchroom with free Wi-Fi.

And then there was the non-energy lecture with Dharmen (pause)

Wednesday April 8 from 17.00 to 18.00 LIVING THE NON-ENERGY LIFE Price: $ 90 Approximately 22% of us are non-energy types, living in a world that expects everyone to be busy doing all the time. In this class, we will explore the challenges and benefits of living a true non-energy life. For Projectors and Reflectors, or energy types who want to better understand the non-energy people in their lives. with Dharmen Swann-Herbert

Anticipated by me, and much more people as it turned out, almost a full house. It started off really funny to me. I was still nervous, and Dharmen fumbled a bit with the microphone wires and started telling a bit about his view on non-energy and comparing with the busy other types, with a lot of humor and jokes while rolling his joyful eyes and giving us his enormous smile and funny chuckle. And with an enormous power and flow, and being really resolute in what he was telling, and the words themselves were filled with a certain authority and honestly effect me, they connect with me.

Talking about the ~80% non-grasping types (hehe) not understanding reflectors and projectors. Projectors as guides, got to live your life, but live it as yourself. Which he says is the most enjoyable to do, nothing comes close. And nothing more important than -you-. And different for everybody, to live out your part of this live. The differences between us reflectors themselves, for us to share amongst ourselves. And not be (too) scared to change your place/people if need be, because there is only this one life. And not just understand Human Design, but really live it, or it does you no good.

And then came the questions from the room. I found them almost all to try to debunk the myth of the reflector.
What it was like with other reflectors, 5 in Ibiza/in the room and all? Some he likes, some he doesn’t (!), (which ones, I thought looking through the room, I have a signpost session with him tomorrow, am I not only being pounded but is he going to be rude too, aaargh) but it is always really clean, no barriers, relaxing. And being in different stages all of us reflectors in our understanding, he really enjoys watching and sharing.

The benefits of reflectors closing aura, is a life saver, with the downside of getting all alone because not wanting to get influenced through his aura by his environment. And thus the importance of being yourself in the right place, so to not get sick, and getting almost instantly better when changing environment. But you have to know who YOU -are-.

HDS and all these gates etc are -guidelines- only (!) You have to find out your own sense of it all, how you yourself -live- it. We all write the book on it, here and now, by -living- it.

And furthermore that non-energy means we have no power to manifest or generate, although we’re not without energy itself. But not enough energy to sustain anything, like a business (oh-oh…)
Projectors do have something to rely on, even if just mental definition, not to manifest or generate also, but Reflectors don’t (even) have that. Projectors have a specific task, and a gift (provide guidance). The more they know themselves the more they know not to engage with more than one person at a time (in his own experience with projectors)

Later on Nisarg interviewed me for Jovian Archive Radio, too bad we still have not had the download links for the broadcasts from and about the Ibiza event, otherwise I could have said something about it, more than just that I liked being interviewed by Nisarg, which is very rare for me, normally I truly hate getting in the front row/seat, where I am the center of observation, instead of me observing all of you 🙂