MoonBlog 34.2 Momentum


I started noticing something, here on the (red: humandesignglobal) forum, but also elsewhere, what I’d like to get off my chest and hopefully people will respond to it.

It is about negativity, -and- people not wanting it.

I see blissful greetings here and there, I see people not having had a good experience in a community or event, some people having had some sort of encounter with another person, and another asks how to get rid of the blues, and so on. Taking words themselves personally.

And I do not want to step on peoples toes or ignore someone’s feelings, on the contrary. All valid questions and remarks, and I do also want people to talk about it, because I want to read it too, but…

where is the duality, ying and yang, positive and negative, why not accept both? It seems to me as if a lot of some people only want the positive sides of life, and that really amazes me, not in the least because I have learnt so much from all the negative things in my life, and still do.

Maybe it is writing here on a forum, for several in a different language than their own, and so things get mixed up in this form of communication, and thus/maybe I read something else in it then was intended, but still.

Sure when you go the an event, you want good things to happen, and want to enjoy it, learn from it, etc. And then if someone out there, who maybe even is running the show, or whatever does something you cannot possibly accept, or is downright negative for you, I’m not sure if then the whole person/experience is forever and ever not good. I feel like people sometimes take things too personal.(and this message is not meant to be taken personal either…yeah easy for me to say, right)

I understand you pay a lot of money to go somewhere and do something, have all these great expectations, and the ‘brochure’ only amplifies those. But in the end, it is all part of life, Human Design or life itself is not all rosy and fun and bliss, it is also downright boring, and negative, and loads of other things too, duality (!)

And sure I may seem totally gullible, that I accept all sorts of experiences, even negative ones, and sure my teflon aura does help a lot, so I do not identify with those things to much. And sure I/me/myself run the risk of not caring for people or situations anymore because I can close down/shut stuff out. And yes, I have a serious problem not understanding emotional people/responses, I just don’t get it, and am seriously looking at that hole inside me, sensing that I seriously lack something, but still…

So maybe by just reading my words you can look inside yourself, if the other person or the situation is really about them/that, or about you yourself. How you yourself make it the way you feel or think about it.

Take a step back, and look at it some more, and try to see the other side. I’m quite sure no-one does anything on purpose to harm you, not in HDS. So maybe at another time/date things will work out better.

People -are- different. And negative experiences are part of the same life. Having the blues, or crying is a real treat for me. (!)

Thank you for reading, and hopefully you’ll comment, even if you think I’m crazy or worse 🙂