MoonBlog 38.6 Misunderstanding


So, final blog about Ibiza 2009 for now

I’m a little early on-site, so I want to get something to eat, and end up in a noisy beach bar eating something like a triple sandwich and drinking a Fanta thinking about how good or bad this would be for my PHS (‘taste’ is all I know for now) I definitely do not like the noise coming from the speakers, even besides the music genre, so head back over to the event quickly.

Friday April 10 from 17.00 to 18.00 THE GENETIC FLOW OF THE 12 PROFILES Price: $ 90 Whenever you are looking at the Profiles there is a continuity that starts with the 1/3 and ends with the 6/3 Profile. This continuity is enabled by the “Bridges”, the Changing Profiles, of which approximately 2.3% of each appear in the Human Population. There is always a question – why? The answer is very easy – due to the 88° mechanics. On the surface of the Quantum Illusion the consequences of this mechanic does not seem spectacular, but if you go deep down in the structures beneath the Line: Color, Tone and Base – the mystery of the exact mechanics is revealed. This lecture explains the remarkable Structure and Purpose of the Changing Profiles versus the Foundation Profiles. with Andrea Reikl-Wolf

Only one lecture to go which is The genetic flow of the 12 profiles by Andrea Reikl-Wolf, and I guess I misread the title, and only focused on the word flow and not so much on the word genetic… What a whirlwind lecture that was, way way over my head, and quite fast too, and still a full 60 minutes. Phew, that was something completely different ! Very interesting none the less, about how these 12 profiles have their place and meaning not purely statistically but (then) proven in real life (or was it the other way around?). The harmonic and disharmonic profiles (thus changing and foundational profiles) and so on. I can’t even give a condensed overview of it, while Andrea gave such an enthusiastic lecture, every now and then saying ”you see?” While I hear several people grasping for air as I do the same 🙂

At the end she proposes to give the spreadsheet she used with the data about the profiles, and I step forward with my USB stick, which I used earlier that day in an internet café when needing to print out my boarding-pass/ticket for the morning after. And *bam* virus alert on her laptop because of my USB stick (aaargh). Luckily her anti-virus is up-to-date and she can ignore it and gives me the file anyways (mea culpa !)

Afterwards I feel really tired because of this lecture, mostly because I was not prepared for this kind of lecture at all, and sit outside for a bit to relax a bit. Later on I sit in the lobby of the hotel spa thing and chat with several different people whom I’ve met here, continuing talks of where we left it in previous talks. Relaxing, comforting and respectful talks about ourselves, each other, family and friends.

And then it is time to go back to my apartment, have an early night, and take the plane home next morning. Another fine mistake I made logistically: 5 hours transit time in Madrid (bareuh) which I fill with a kubi-wireless account for one day, smoking in the ‘designated areas’, walking around a bit and eating airport food, oh and of course observing all the different people 🙂

I have a sense of relaxation over me, and of fulfillment about having gone to Ibiza and about myself. How everything went (ups and downs), how I myself behaved, and how some things started to make more sense and feel pretty good knowing them and doing something with them. Not leaping forward but sort of smothering within me, a slow process of becoming aware of certain aspects of myself, be it physical or mental.

But also some sharp realizations, when sitting in the train from the airport to my hometown and later in the tram home, not really wanting to go back to this half a million people city which has been my home for so many years, but now not sure what attracted me in the first place. Sure, convenience, all these different kinds of stores/restaurants, opening hours, stuff like that. But the drunks, the druggies, the conditioning, the rat race, the filth. I’m not sure if I still want to ignore those anymore (because I realize that’s what I’ve done) Why am I in the middle of this?

I love my house, it gives me great joy, and the fact it was there for me all this time has been very positive. But maybe I should move from this location, away from all this sheer nonsense, and towards somewhere warmer and friendlier. I do have good contact with a lot of my neighbors but am wondering if that is out of necessity or truth. Anyways, I had a nice big crash of thoughts come over me after Ibiza, realizing life was not all that rosy I made it to be, Human Design people are not all loving giving friendly people I thought they would be (my bad), wondering if me having a business is such a great idea and in this field, and so on. So a nice shattering of projections, getting great insights, and getting my feet back on the ground in some areas where apparently I have allowed myself to float off (again). So after a few weeks I started to enjoy again what and how I was doing, and as always some things are left to ponder over, and some things will find their way in the end, and some things have already changed.