We finish dinner we ordered Chinese

“Leonard hardly ate, he eats less and less every day. Leonard seems distant, distracted, I ask him if he’s okay.
I was thinking about my friend Andrew.
Who’s he?
He was my lover.
Your lover?
Yeah, my lover.
I laugh.
The person you fell in love with?
You should call him your boyfriend, not your lover.
Lover is cheesy.
Leonard laughs.
You better watch out.
You’re not allowed to call me cheesy.
I am if you use the word lover.
How many years have I been listening to you wax poetic about your various girlfriends, oh I love her and I can’t live without her, oh she’s so beautiful, oh her eyes, her eyes, her eyes.
I laugh.
A lot of years.
I’m going to call him my lover, Cheddar Boy, and you’re not going to say shit about it.” – James Frey, My friend Leonard