A newsletter – now –  after so long

Eco-logic books Email Update:

Dear eco-logic newsletter subscribers

You may have been wondering why on earth you have signed up to an email that is less frequent than a wunch of bankers foregoing their bonuses. An interesting question – the last newsletter according to my computer was June 2011

I should imagine most of you have gone away, changed emails, stopped reading or have come to believe you can solve all the world’s problems with marmalade – so really this is an email to see who is still out there.

The reason I’m interested now is that after much soul-searching I’ve had a new website built for eco-logic books. Sadly the many hundreds of books that I used to have on the old site have all gone. No one was buying them and my clever computer told me people are often going straight from my site to Amazon. I’m not bitter it’s just the way it was.

However I now have a nice new shiny website that has just a few books on it that you can’t get cheaper, if at all, on that company that begins with A and doesn’t pay any taxes. And as usual if you know of any books that should be on the website I would be really interested to hear. I will be adding to the list over the next months so please take a visit and have a look, it’s still at the same address.


I have not been idle these last few years we still publish the odd book. The latest one being Flatpack Democracy –  a DIY guide to creating independent politics. We published it because during long and interesting conversations with Peter MacFadyen the author we realised that taking political control was one way of making sure things we wanted to happen, happened. Anyhow here is a way you can do it but you need to get a move on the next election is only eight months away.

Also, I was a founding director, some four years ago, of Bath and West Community Energy. We started on the basis that local control of energy generation, coupled with giving people the option of an ethical investment with a good rate of return, in their very own company, was a fine idea. And so it is proved. We have just launched our third public share issue and you will be pleased to hear – yes, you really will be pleased – it’s going weell. If you’re interested visit the site and see for yourself.


That’s it for now. Nobody wants to read pages and pages on an empty stomach. Unless you tell me otherwise or you’ve just disappeared I will migrate you all to my new newsletter list and I promise to be in touch more frequently than once every three years.

I hope your still out there somewhere as we march onward to a glorious future
Best wishes