Chakra Two: Swimming in the Waters of Difference

“Addictions are difficult to classify in terms of chakras because different substances produce different states. Even addiction in general cannot be classified in any single chakra. In chemical dependency, the drug of choice gives us important clues about chakra imbalances. For example, stimulants or depressants relate primarily to the energy dynamics of the third chakra, while alcohol creates the merging and lessening of inhibition more closely related to the second chakra. Excessive eating may be an attempt to ground, related to chakra one; a move toward pleasure (chakra two); or blocked anger in the third. But all addictions are initially an attempt to create or deny a feeling or a state of consciousness. The attempt to create a particular state is a compensation, while denial is an avoidance. This gives us our basic excessive and deficient coping strategies.

Alcohol lessens the inhibiting control of the conscious mind, which allows the liberating current to come up from below and move unhindered toward the crown, releasing energy and discharging the system. When the downward current, which focuses and limits, becomes excessive, the life force can feel restricted and relief is felt by overthrowing its dominating influence. An alcoholic may free up his anger or say things that were previously blocked as the energy moves upward. Free of inhibition, he can be spontaneous, share his feelings, make jokes, and feel alive. Unfortunately, there is no integration with this release. There is expression but little reception. The relief is only temporary and must be repeated again and again -a cycle that leads to addiction. Here is a clear example of where sending energy upward is not always beneficial.

While the treatment of addictions is a complicated process beyond the scope of this book, the need to reroute the cyclic repetitive patterns and discharge the underlying emotional force falls under the domain of the second chakra. Since addiction is so often the result of an emotional wound, the general principles of second chakra healing apply. They are reconnecting with the sensations of the body; discharging and/or learning to contain pervading emotions, completing blocked movements frozen by trauma, and learning to decipher and appropriately meet needs.”-Judith Anodea, Eastern Body Western Mind