The Ancient Art of Contemplation

“If I had to say in a single line what the Gene Keys are, I would say they are a universal language made up of 64 genetic archetypes. If I had to say what the Gene Keys do, I would say they allow you to completely re-envision yourself and recreate your life at a level limited only by your own imagination. The Gene Keys are also a transmission. In Buddhism there is a wonderful word known as ‘dharma’. It is one of those words pregnant with many dimensions of meaning. It points towards the existence of a higher truth or universal law pervading the universe. Because the realisation of the dharma is beyond words, its transmission can only be received through silence and deep meditative absorption. The Gene Keys are just such a transmission. As archetypes they each contain a fractal aspect of the same universal Truth. As genetic archetypes they allow you to resonate that Truth deep within each cell of your body.

This brings us to a very important point that you must know before you enter the living dharma-field of the Gene Keys. Because the Gene Keys are a transmission beyond words, they will not yield their secrets to an intellectual, grasping mind. The more you chase after them with your mind the more frustrated you may become. As archetypes, the Gene Keys are designed to be contemplated, and contemplation demands relaxation and patience. Contemplation is one of the greatest and least understood of the ancient mystical arts and paths.

The Three Classic Paths to Truth

There are three classic paths that lead towards higher consciousness; they are meditation, concentration and contemplation. Even though each path is markedly different, they all lead to the same final goal — absorption, which we will hear more about later. Meditation is the great passive art in which all forms, thoughts and feelings are simply witnessed exactly as they are. Over time, this continued witnessing gives way to the natural arising of great inner clarity, which culminates in an enlightened view of the nature of reality. Meditation is rooted in the holistic right hemisphere of the brain. Concentration, on the other hand, is the path of effort. Through concentration, you strive with your heart, mind and soul to reunite your inner being with your true higher nature. Most mystical systems and all types of yoga are based on the path of concentration. Concentration is rooted in the left hemisphere of the brain. Through a gradual process of continual refinement, this path too arrives at an enlightened view of the nature of reality.

Right in the middle of these two paths is contemplation. Contemplation utilises aspects of both meditation and concentration. It is rooted in the corpus callosum, that part of the brain that unites both left and right hemispheres. Contemplation involves a kind of cellular digestion. You take the object of your contemplation and you concentrate your whole being on it but without any effort or tension. In a certain sense you play with it with your mind, your feelings and your intuition. It is as though you are holding the velvet case of a diamond ring in your hands and continuously running your fingers gently over it, enjoying the sensation and the mystery of not knowing what lies inside. Then, at some unknown moment, your fingers suddenly and unexpectedly discover the tiny hidden catch embedded in the deep folds of velvet. All of a sudden the case opens and the treasure is revealed.

This is how the Gene Keys are best approached — in a spirit of deep relaxation. True intelligence is activated through the patience and softness of the heart, and only later confirmed by the mind. Here you need to be a lover of mystery with a beginner’s mind, rather than arriving as an expert determined to solve a riddle.”- Richard Rudd