I think it throws up notions of free will

Just keeping the streets clean.
-Free from evil.
-You ever think about the universe, Mr. Trout? What if our world is just like a tiny speck?
A tiny little speck.
-And there are giants looking down on us?
And every time we move…
-It’s actually them moving us.
Seems a bit tedious.
-Like that, just there, me blinking. That would’ve taken them a day.
Me moving my arm, 500 men!
-I mean, none of them are going home. They’re having to do this bit. And now this bit. And this bit. I mean, this should stop.
I think it throws up notions of free will.
-It’s too much. And then they would’ve had to have done me talking about the blink, and it never ends. I think they make a meal of it, to be honest. I don’t know how they get the time. They’ve got to have other jobs. It’s more like a hobby. You know, like stamp collecting, something you do in your free time.