15 New Age Deceptions

could you start to summarize the new-age deception lecture you’ve been presenting in various cities around the country

absolutely, i-i’ve given a given any presentation now a few times called New Age Bullshit and the suppression of the sacred masculine, and I apologize if that language isn’t allowed on on the I am and FM affiliates what is what this presentation is it’s dispelling a lot of false so-called spiritual teachings of the movement known as the New Age movement.

Its feel-good pseudo spirituality and it’s being propagated by many many many teachers out there so that they can’t actually make any real change happen in the world and therefore the sacred masculine of action leading to real change in the world is suppressed. Hence the subtitle the suppression of the sacred masculine it was originally 10 my new presentation which is going to be out very soon that I gave in Asheville North Carolina last weekend. It contains 15 new agent sections which I’ll briefly outline here what I do in the presentation for those of you who want to go and check it out on my website whatonearthishappening.com is my website and you could see this presentation. There is I outlined the deception and then I balanced the deception with which what I call a new-age correction. This is the correction to the erroneous spiritual teaching or the deceptive spiritual teaching that is given by the new-age community and then I talked about the real intended meaning or the the real spiritual message that needs to be understood regarding that concept that they are teaching in a distorted sense.

So here are the deceptions in a very brief outline the first is

Ignore the negative if it’s negative I don’t want to see it hear it talk about it certainly not discuss it with other people because then I’m bringing people down you know when in fact ignoring the negative is what creates further ignorance and chaotic outcomes in society if we just ignore reality like I like to say you can ignore reality but not without consequence you have to respect existence or expect resistance from the universe respect the existence of that which is or expect resistance from the Nature of everything expect the resistance from the universe itself creating negative experience in your life so that’s ignore the negative.

Never get angry okay there’s no purpose for the role for the emotion of anger now you know and I talked about we need righteous indignation if we’re going to create real change to motivate us to take action.

number three is we’re all one so it’s all good this is moral relativism everything is good there’s no such thing as right and wrong those are subjective judgements that have nothing to do with something that’s subjective and existing in nature well there is objective right and wrong and the reason that we’re living in a prison societally is because people don’t understand the law of freedom that as moral behavior in the aggregate of a society increases freedom for that society increases and as immoral behavior increases slavery and increases so morality and freedom are directly proportional to each other on new age destruction.

Number four is you can never really know this is called salep season to obtain actual knowledge of anything is not really possible it’s all just subjective and it’s all just opinion and everybody’s viewpoint is equally as valid the notion that someone else is totally uneducated opinion totally uninformed opinion is as good as someone else’s multiple year decades of research and knowledge okay so that’s solid sysm.

five it’s all an illusion nothing’s real so nothing matters well at some deep level of non differentiation down at the quantum level yeah everything is one I get that but that doesn’t mean that nothing matters the experience here is why spirit incarnate sin the physical domain this is a construct for learning and experience of the essence of who we are so that’s New Age deception five.

New Age inception six evil is necessary so many New Agers believe this nonsense this is a misapplication of the understanding of polarity that polarity is one thing expressing it self in different scales of differentiation and that doesn’t mean you go into one polarity in state one form of polarity and stay there which is what evil is okay it’s a misunderstanding of the laws of karma like people are somehow being punished for what they did and we shouldn’t step in and stop evil when it’s happening you know like you see the injustice is in the Hindu caste system and they say all it’s all karma from past lives this is all nonsense and it’s a misunderstanding of free will it’s a dismissal free will evil is not something that has to happen it’s a choice the behavioral choice

number seven accept everything and never resist and that’s what it’s all ultimately about the whole New Age movements our religion to get people to stand down and not take real action in the world not use their masculine energy to make things change

New Age deception number eight is the watered down version of the laws of attraction again natural ball is the real law of attraction and how to apply it in your life this watered down version the secret as it’s propagated by the New Age movement I want to get what’s mine on I want to you know have the better job the better clothes the better house etc it’s all very ego oriented service to self oriented or as the real law of attraction is not only service to others oriented its service to truth oriented so the real secret is natural law and understanding that helps you to come into contact with the real laws of attraction

number nine no one is ever to blame blame does not exist yeah and what this really teaches people is that responsibility doesn’t really exist and there’s no such thing as moral culpability people who are actually responsible for harm that was done to others and we have to understand moral culpability in a very straightforward and streetwise way the person who took the action is ultimately morally responsible for the harm that was caused by that action so there is such a thing is blamed there is such a thing as culpability it exists I’m not saying to just dwell in that and get let that eat you up but certain people are to blame for harmful actions that they take

common-sense number 10 the false notion of forgiveness they just keep excusing people endlessly for wrongs that they do that’s not real forgiveness real forgiveness is a two-way street that involves an apology first and foremost on the part of the wrongdoer to the one that they wronged and to clean it you know they’re not going to do that action again they’re gonna desist in that harmful action then you can forgive them that’s real forgiveness you know somebody has to offer something first an apology and then your forgiving them you’re saying I accept your word that you’re not going to do this anymore and therefore you know we’re it’s we’re okay we’re even I don’t have to take any action against you I’ll give you another chance to act right that’s ten

eleven chaos should be feared no chaos is it actually a teacher making mistakes is one of the best ways that we learn

number twelve truth doesn’t mean need to be defended you hear this constantly in the new-age circles yes truth does need to be defended because it’s constantly under attack by lies mind-control disinformation etc of course we need to
speak the truth at all times in places because truth is constantly under attack in the modern world

thirteen enlightenment is only about changing yourself and feeling good all the time this is that notion of the New Age religion as feel-good spirituality you know if you’re enlightened you should never you know feel bad you should always feel good it should always be making you uplifted like you’ve just done some kind of great drug no that’s not what enlightenment is it’s a matter of fact enlightenment can be very very very uncomfortable especially when most other people are still dwelling in total darkness you know you have to use that discomfort to motivate yourself to educate other people because that’s what the real great work is is the education of others and most people won’t don’t want to do that work you know they look at that and say oh my god that’s what you’re telling me because I have this knowledge that’s now my responsibility yes that is when you have knowledge your responsibility is to educate your fellow man and most people don’t want to hear that either

number fourteen love is all you need no knowledge you need you need courage you need willpower to act properly you know in the world to take right action there are other things you need other than love love is not everything it’s very care is very important and it is the ultimate generator of our experience what we care enough about to then take action upon don’t get me wrong love love is the expansive force of consciousness and it is absolutely required but it’s not all that’s required and this is another subtle deception that you hear constantly propagated by the new-age and then finally

number 15 I had a little bit of fun with this you know making some some jokes about all the different variants of saviors that are going to come to rescue us New Age interception 15 is that a savior is coming any day now you know so I went into like all the different saviors that are prophesied to come and save humanity from its own ignorance in my last presentation on this topic listed all these saviors and said yeah you know you know they’re just tripping over each other to come and rescue us from ourselves you know we have to do it we have to do that work ladies and gentlemen it’s not going to be done for us externally when you look for that you’re just externalizing your power of some mythical entity deity or force that isn’t interested in propping you up and being responsible for your spiritual uplift that’s uh the New Age deceptions in a nutshell

absolutely mark passio radio host independent researcher and director of the site one on earth is happening

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