Living Your Design 2023

Landing page for the Living Your Design Workshop Course

Taking a journey into Types, Centers, Strategy and Authority twice a week in my online classroom starting Thursday March 2nd 2023.

8 online sessions of roughly 60-90 minutes twice a week, with 1 extra session exclusively on the Reflector Lunar Cycle Process and Transits in general. (individual personalised and extended Transit/Lunar cycle chart on individual order, see here)

Open to anyone (any Type) who has read the LYD student manual (Foundation Reading optional), this workshop shares the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design.

There is room for 1 person auditing at 50% discount. (which is not yet reserved, others will be put on a waitinglist. Audits must have done LYD with me before)


In this course you will learn more about Human Design, your own design, open and defined centers and conditioned behavior, definition and inner authority, the mind and its influence, strategy and types. This course covers the most important fundamental and transformational aspects of Human Design.

Classes are held twice a week Mondays and Thursdays, at 19:00 CET (18:00GMT/UTC) starting Thursday March 2nd 2023 until Thursday March 30th 2023 during roughly one Lunar Cycle, check to see if that works for you in your own timezone here: Classes are in English & recorded and available for download, so live participation can be optional.

There is a special discount; if you bring someone else, both get a 20% discount.

A Foundation Reading is not required. However… you need to have read the Living Your Design student manual beforehand. Borrowed or bought does not matter, reading it does. Class is limited to 9 participants. The Living Your Design Student Manual can be bought by clicking here (USA) or here (UK). More info about me here.


The Living Your Design Workshop is part of the Education Curriculum and is a prerequisite Foundation Course needed to enter into more advanced areas of general study or professional certification, comes with an IHDS certificate of Completion.

If you feel like joining or have any questions/comments (for instance about a payment plan or any other suggestion), please contact me here

To reserve your seat and make your €300,- payment send me a message for payment details at

All sales are final
(discounts can not be combined)


By Esther Terpstra 6/2 Reflector: “The online Living Your Design with Sjef Romijn is quite a journey! During a full lunar cycle, twice a week in an online classroom he will show and tell you the ins- and outs of the HD basics. In his own, ‘easy to listen to’- and ‘open to any question’ way of talking and explaining. Beside all the slides you’ll get lots of stories, experiences and examples to explain the difference between types, centres open/closed and self/not self and so on… Everything is recorded, so if you like or you feel a need to, you’ll have a lot of info to watch and listen to. Which can be very helpful in times of struggle I experienced myself. That’s truly the gift of an online version of a LYD. All the info is there when you need it. 🙂 “

By Maitari 3/5 Reflector: “You are one of the few Reflector examples I „met” who Live their Design authentically. If it wasn’t for your guidance, not just in the course but also the writings on your blog and the communication on FB, I still would probably be confused about how to live as a Reflector. And I still sometimes am 😉 but hey, it’s just the beginning for me.
Seeing you, reading from you, feeling your groundedness in your design helped me to accept my uniqueness and to understand that it is possible to be me. Thank you for the Living Your Design Course and presenting it in your way. 🙂 “

By Sarah Crawford 4/6 Reflector: “I can highly recommend this course and Sjef Romijn! Incredible information and perspective on HD in an authentic and clear view way to understanding your design. No BS…just personal responsibility and realizing yourself.”

By Ocea Wraye 4/6 emotionally defined Manifestor: “Didn’t realize how much I looked forward to each class until I cried when it ended. Thank you Sjef Romijn, for your preparation and energy spent teaching this idiot mind to shut up and live my design! ✌?”