Reflector Professionals

Updated April 2023

Find most of them here:

The Living Your Design Guide supports newcomers in the experiment of living their design, and usually gives the LYD course/workshop, but also sometimes does public introductions, coaching, mentoring, guidance, sessions and intro readings.

An Analyst is trained to give the Foundation Reading, for many the kick-off point for Living their Design, but they can also do Return and Life Cycle Readings, Crosses, Partnership, some have family and/or child specialization, or Business (BG5), etc They also do many other different things like sessions, coaching, mentoring, public talks, etc

A Teacher can be a Rave ABC or Cartography, Cosmology, PTL (Professional Analyst Training), DreamRave Teacher etc etc

Find such courses here:

vague transparency: one person is omitted from this list on purpose and one should not officially be on (t)here