While I do ‘live’ on the internet for quite a few years now, I’m not in the habit of hoarding contacts, email addresses, and other hollow attempts of creating a marketable presence online (wow, nice load of judgements and opinions there Sjef)

I do however want to invite each and everyone of you, us, here, to connect outside this field too, linkedin, facebook, you name it. Not as something to get any validation from, but to offer it to people outside, in a way. To show them our steps in not needing any, but still being this global life-form of energy, of intent, of intensity, of sharing. Connect with the genekeys facebook page, and with all of us, all mixed up as one giant ball of string, being and acting as one. (is this my radiance 45 speaking up?)

Also I feel a sense of wanting to start connecting IRL (In Real Life) with some of you already, to see if there is something to -do- together, combining business and pleasure, combining persons and abilities, and posibilities ! 🙂
Some of us could use some help, and some of us could use helping out.

Just the other day I had several ‘crazy’ business ideas, and several people asking me what I’m doing after stopping my company (2 more days) and all I really did was apply for social security. While all these opportunities await me, you, us, out there. Even overwhelming if you’d try to make a list of them…

But isn’t it time to show off our efforts? To parade with them, to share that we are, what we are?


Or am I being too hasty?