“In this century we have confused a lot of this terminology: karma, destiny, fate, all of this language that has been popularized. But in Human Design these geometries are very specific.

If you have a right angle cross – which tends to be the majority in society – you have what is called “personal destiny“ and you’re not carrying any karma.

Now, if somebody comes and says to you: “You’re gonna pay for this!“ you can tell them, “No, I am not carrying any karma, thank you very much!” – because it’s true!

The right angle cross is self-involved. They have their own geometry and it isn’t people around them who alter that movement in their life. They have their personal destiny and they are going to get to their personal destiny regardless of who is around them.

The 4/6 is one of the most unusual profiles. It is the only profile that is purely transpersonal – both the 4th and 6th lines are in the upper trigram – so it gives you the illusion that this is a deeply transpersonal cross: it is not!

They are in their personal destiny. They are the great voyeurs because they are there in the environment but they are actually keeping to their own process.

The 4/1s are the only people that have fixed fate. When the 4/1 drives into a tree, you know it’s fixed fate because that’s their way and nothing gets in the way of these beings.

The left angle are purely transpersonal. The 5th and 6th lines are the most transpersonal in quality. They are always getting ready both to go out into the world and to observe the world as a whole. They are the ones that carry karma. And the only way to unload this stuff is to meet the old forces that they got the karma from in the first place. It’s only through the transpersonal that we can universalize and connect with the other.” -humandesign.com