There’s something you and I need to do.


Can you get Bella back to Los Angeles, have someone take care of her down there?

Probably. Why?

He tells me why, tells me what we’re going to do. We find Freddie. I introduce him to Snapper. I can see fear on his face I tell him everything’s cool, that Snapper has come to pay his respects. I ask Freddie if he can take Bella to Los Angeles. He says he’s not sure, Snapper takes a roll of hundred dollar bills from his pocket asks him if five thousand dollars will make him sure. Freddie asks why, we tell him, he agrees to do it for free. The three of us go out for a steak dinner together. We order more food than we can eat, Snapper and Freddie drink a five hundred dollar bottle of wine, we leave a huge tip.
In honor of our friend.” – James Frey, My friend Leonard