Unassuming Grandpa Blows Audience Away With Epic Guitar Skills.

To hear The Right Reverend Kenny shock and amaze with his epic guitar solo, check out the video below.

If you closed your eyes and listened to the “Running Down A Dream” cover below, you might swear Eddie Van Halen was on guitar. Open them, and you’ll probably fall out of your chair in surprise!

The lead guitarist in the cover band Mr. Spankey and the Hipthrusters no doubt looks like your average grandpa. However, what’s hiding behind his mild-mannered appearance is a guitar-shredding genius.

But perhaps what’s more amazing than his skills is the story of how the Hipthrusters found their lead guitarist.

After the founding member had the initial idea to get a band together, he contacted two other men for the group. The next natural question was ‘who do we get on lead guitar?’

As the group’s website explains:

“In true Blues Brother Style he replied, “We need to go to church.” Approaching the Catholic Church in Braintree, Martin and Tont could hear the unmistakable sound of choir practice….but with a difference. Behind a glorious rendition of Amazing Grace they could hear fantastic licks, picking and soloing on an electric guitar …

They’d found their man, Father Kenneth Petrie, or as we know him, The Right Reverend Kenny.”

The entire thing makes you wish someone would make a movie, if only for the soundtrack!