I don’t claim or hold on to any copyright, even if I ‘made’ it, I only like to be paid for my time (if someone hires me). As a personal journey and exploration, I find all copyright to be part of the egomind (well that is the exploration, to see if it is or not) So people (read: individuals, not companies) can use ‘my’ material from this website freely, any and all.

I did start out with making transparent logos and ©®™ stuff, but I found that to be far more exhausting then to just let go of it. I found myself hanging on to it, and contemplated; ‘what the fuck for?’

These blog entries are personal viewpoints and experiences of the writer(s). You may not experience them just as described, you might even disagree. The quotes always make reference of the original author or source if they are known. This is -not- a discussion platform, even if the sharings will be open to comments and feedback later on … maybe … perhaps

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Now is this blog going to be all serious and heavy? Well on some days, probably, yes 😈
Is this blog going to be filled with inside jokes and random nonsense? Well on some days, definitely, yes 😎

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