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Let the fun start

tomorrow, or next year…

Why is there a need for a separate group of evolve/gathering? Is there a need to hide out from the rest, or a need to differentiate? What does this gathering have to do with GeneKeys as such anyways? I don’t recall it being part of the dozen or so approaches and tools that now make up these GeneKeys. What is the added value for you and/or for me?

I thought we were in this together, all jumping into the water, and supporting each other, whether I know you from before or not, but now it feels like some of you want to create a group inside a group, and swim off from the rest.

I can think of another group then, integral human design, loads of people came here through there, wheter through the London event or the sessions/courses Werner gave in Austria. All theses London people had was a rudimentary email sharing, and we never got to know the other IHDS people. And IHDS -is- a part of the GeneKeys…

So what impact does creating such a group have? To others, to total newcomers?

Is there a -need- for doing so?

Do you want to talk about this message being a shadow of me? Well, you are invited to do so.

So is my message about feeling left out, well yes and no.

-Yes, for myself and others (whether correct or not) I felt left out after London, and the group as such. I felt I had to wait until this book arrived I could not continue IHDS, which I can only now do, even though I have a stack of papers from and about and I recorded 85% of it. I received the book yesterday, and it was something to behold, now that is a book ! 🙂 So yesterday evening I read the 47th gate, my life’s work, for starters, a bit short compared to others, but enough was said to feel the urge to contemplate and ponder on it for some time.

-No, I just don’t get the apparent non-related group. And thinking about the future also, where does it fit in with the rest, do you want to take it out after a while, after the 1st deep dive, or later when other GeneKeys parts will be made into groups? Or do you want to add other apparent non-related groups?

I felt weird noticing that group, I have absolutely no other feeling with it. I don’t even know what it is about. So, anybody, what is it about?

Are we in this together or not?
I’m swimming here out on a limb too and am here too support you too, stranger, but not if you swim away.

So now, where shall I put this message on this forum…?