A while ago, Nisarg mentioned I could have a look in Pune for doing Work as Meditation, as we spoke on and off about my life and work/money, but having been negative to anything guru or religion, it took me a while to even get used to the idea, but having read their website, they did seem to know what they were doing. So I became curious to this new way of looking at work which they claim/advertise

I knew no-one at the resort and application/reservation went all through email, which as it turned out, were other WAM people, new or old-timers, and having never been to India either, was quite the experience.

And I hated India, the stench, the pollution, the differences in wealth living side by side, death and misery next to luxurious mansions. Hate it !

And then I came to the Resort, because that is what they call it now, not a commune, and they try to make it 5 stars, which they might actually make 3, but there is this atmosphere of slow, but high achievement, high standards. Even if many things seem very complicated in the beginning, like registration and so on. They will inform you constantly of what is happening next, while you sit there half jet-legged and still shell-shocked haha ! 🙂

As I write it I notice how much it has gotten under my skin and I soooo want to go back, hmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

After a few days adjustment and getting my own room (for the duration but they could have changed it in between for flexibility reasons) I was put to work in the Welcome Center where everyone enters first, being newcomers (50%) or old-timers coming back, which was a great experience, sitting outside, surrounded by black marble, registering people, being their first contact.

But the best thing is the cadence of timings, getting up, shower, maroon robe, breakfast, work, lunch, work, swimming or nap (all sleeping naked cause of the super weather, hmmm), shower, white robe, evening meeting (which is wonderful), normal clothes, dinner, party, sleep. Sometimes also work evenings behind the bar or at the gateless gate.

And then as I was completely worked in at the Welcome Center they found out I was somewhat of a Nerd, able to do Photoshop, and they litteraly hauled my ass from there into the office to help them with the design of the new online shop. So from then on I worked exclusively inside an air-conditioned office, which had its ups and downsides. But that is also Pune, you work where they need you, not where you like.

In the mean time, as first-timer I also got several courses and sessions with other newcomers, which were super cool and great, lots of interactivity, and of course a lot of Osho talking, and the guy makes a LOT of sense. Although I have to say, perhaps as a Reflector also, 80% makes sense, 10% is complete and utter bullshit, even delusional (coughing brings Aids) and 10% I’m still undecided what is what, but 80%, wow ! 🙂

Life on this campus/resort for me was also very sensual, even if in the beginning I was not into meeting anyone, but there was this body awareness, and festivity, and sleeping naked in my double bed. However moldy it also was, the bathroom there was bigger than at my own house ! 😉 And doing laundry is almost impossible because of opening hours; they really make you work for it ! All is just a game, and you learn to adjust, quickly, and then you start to see the gems in it all, and start using it.

Although I still would have loved to not work in an office all day, also because I’m not that creative, I only know how the programs work, so other people need to tell me what to do, and then I can do it, instead of my coming up with all sorts of ideas for their thingy. I’m a responder not an instigator.

They also trained me for doing the Welcome Morning workshop, to be attended by -all- newcomers, before getting your permanent pass, because of some of the rules/regulations, which are none too weird, but quite new and odd to some, but I could never remember all the text for these 3-4 hours thing, so I was usually an assistant, and eventually the just let me be behind the computer 😉 Even though I liked being outside and doing these things too

Also you get assigned a coach, to talk to now and again, as well as your WAM officer, but usually they are in the same predicament as you, so it’s basically just a Chai, a talk and on your way, better talk with the friends you make 😉

Every Saturday night I worked the bar, which was cool because it was well visited on Saturday, usually with an outside DJ and outside people, so time flew by, and we sold a lot. Unfortunately also strong liquor, which at the end of the evening always gave some different buzz to the crowd

So yeah, any Reflector would be greatly helped in just experiencing the Osho Resort. For body and mind, just fucking amazing, completely different way of life, hidden in a park area of the buzzing town of 3 million people

If you do not do WAM which keeps you occupied for 6-8 hours a day, there are many many different meditations daily, free and paid. Mystic Rose being the longest and most interesting for me, but doing Multiversity Plus you can do all kinds of stuff, and the whole setting is to do any kinds of meditations, in whatever way, shape or form, and of course super cheap Osho books to buy, and a whole array of different people to meet, or walk away from 😉

Enough for now 😀