stop controling life !
hmm, doesn’t feel right

start controling life !
no, hmm

Do whatever you want !
well… that’s not it either

love yourself !
ah that seems better

enjoy !
ehrm, not necessarily

you have no choice !
that depends…

experience the experience !
yes but… eeehh?

follow the moon !
not always, you know

live moment to moment, decision by decision !
yeah, yeah, trying

No, try not ! Do or do not, there is no try !
hey, what the hell are -you- doing here…?

suffering you must !
woaaah, way outta line there buddy

embrace the shadow, release the gift, embody the siddhi !
hmm, maybe, perhaps, some days

now turn it around !
some days, perhaps, maybe, hmm


Moon Blog 49.1
49 Gate of Principles, Revolution
49.1 in Detriment, the law of necessity, Revolution has no support unless it is perceived as necessary.
The misuse of influence, to insist that necessity can be created out of action. The ‘Helter Skelter’ syndrome. To commit acts of disorder as proof that disorder exists. Oversensitivity to rejection that can turn a principle into a crusade.