J’aime faire des croquettes au chien

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

How about we find some motherfucking bitches, old man? Nigger, I’m horny as a motherfucker, nigger, you know what I’m saying?
I don’t give a fuck, holmes.
I don’t give a fuck neither, motherfucker. Gonna be finding some bitches, man.
I don’t give a fuck!
All right, motherfucker, we need to find us some hos up in this motherfucker, man, for real! You know what I’m s— nigger, man, what the fuck is you slowing down for, nigger? Drive this motherfucker! Move! Roll, nigger, damn! We ain’t getting nowhere—
Man, fuck you, holmes.
We’ll get nowhere, man, driving like a little—
Fuck you, holmes!
—driving like a little bitch, man, you ain’t driving Miss motherfucking Daisy, nigger! Just roll, nigger, shit! Man, I get tired of rolling with your slow ass, nigger, just roll, man! … Some nice ass, oh, look at some bitches right there, oh, hell, yeah! Nigger, let’s roll. It’s on, motherfucker, yeah, nigger. Damn, I just can’t wait, man, nigger horny as a motherfucker, man, dick all hard, nigger, i’m ready to fuck, nigger, straight up, nigger! I’m ready to get my groove motherfucking on, you hear me, nigger? Nigger—
Man, fuck you, holmes!
Nigger, quit slowing this motherfucking ride down, nigger, what’s wrong with you, fool? Nigger, something wrong with your motherfucking feet? Nigger, drive this motherfucker, man, just get the fuck to where we got to go, nigger!
I don’t give a fuck, holmes!
Damn! What the fuck going on up in this bitch? Let me play my shit, nigger! It’s my motherfucking tape up in this bitch. Shit.
Man, I don’t give a fuck.
Man, shut the fuck up, nigger! You get on my motherfucking nerves, nigger! Oh, shit, hey, nigger, hey. Hey, hey, m— hey, man, turn this motherfucking car around. Hey, turn this motherfucker around, fool! Oh, shit, aw, yeah. Oh, it’s on, nigger. It’s on up in this motherfucker, man. Nigger, nigger, come on, man.
All right, fool.
Hey, what’s packing, bitch?
What the fuck going on up in this motherfucker?
Ooh, not your broke ass, nigger!
Why don’t you two meet us in the car? Let’s go! Oh, come on, girl, why you got to be broke, girl? What’s happening? Why don’t you just ride with us?
Why, ’cause you ain’t got but some broke trash-basket, you simple-ass fool, coming up, talking that shit to me!
What, what shit are you confused like that for, bitch?
Nigger, slow your roll, you just drive, nigger! Girl, you can get in, you can sit right here on my motherfucking lap, and let’s roll. ‘Cause it’s party n—
Hey, nigger, slow down, nigger, hold on, man, let me do this shit, just sit down!
I didn’t say nothing, fool! What?
Girl, go on, get in this car, girl, we can have a good time, handle our business.
Good loving, fool!
Nigger, just shut the fuck up, nigger!
Shit, you shut the fuck up, holmes.
Girl, go on and get in the car, girl, so we can handle this business, girl. You make a nigger wanna fuck, girl. Get on in the car—
Say what? You ain’t got shit coming!
You ain’t got shit coming.
Not a motherfucking thing.
How do you think I’m gonna talk to you with your fake-ass jewelry?
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You can’t even have gold?
Hey, girl, y—
I mean, what can you do for me?
Girl, what the f— Girl, what the fuck are you talking about, broke? You see something broke about this, girl?
Keep rolling. You ain’t got nothing to offer me but your broke ass. And take your mama’s car home, nigger.
Man, stop trying to diss me, ho! There’s no trying to diss me, girl, I’m a player, girl, for real. Player, player, girl!
Man, shut the fuck up, fool.
Man, would you shut the fuck up, man?
Shut the fuck up, fool.
Let me handle this business, man.
Man, fuck you, holmes.
We ain’t gonna get no pussy riding with your broke ass, nigger.
Man, fuck that. I don’t give a fuck.
Nigger, you ain’t gonna get no pussy no way! Don’t nobody want to talk to your broke trifling ass. Look at you! Nigger, look at your hair!
Aw, girl, don’t talk about my motherfucking hair, no the fuck you didn’t talk about my hair. Bitch, fuck you, girl!
Look at his hair! Nigger, you need to get something done to your shit. That’s right, that’s what I said, nigger! You ain’t about shit, and your hair ain’t neither.
Bitch! Don’t be acting like no fucking stuck-up ho, like you’re from Beverly Hills or some shit! Go on, get in the car, and let’s roll.
Man, what you talking about, holmes?
Fuck you hos. Don’t be putting your motherfucking nose up in the air, bitch!
Man, fuck that, bitch!
Hey, nigger, slow down, nigger!
Man, fuck this bitch, holmes!
Girl, don’t buy that!
Man, slow your motherfucking roll, fool!
Who do you think she is?
Slow your roll, nigger!
Go away, man, let me talk to her. Go away, go away.
Let me handle this. Let me handle this. Girl, go get in this motherfucking ride, get in the fucking car, and let’s roll and do this shit. Nigger, you slow down and let me do this shit.
Man, fuck you, holmes.
Girl, we want to fuck, you know what I’m saying? Get on in the car, we’ll get some liquor, and go get it on, girl!
You simple-ass niggers just better roll on.
Look, we ain’t never gonna get no pussy because of your stupid-ass mouth, man. Shut the fuck up, man. Man, fuck that bitch!
This is you, man. ‘Cause you can’t get no play, motherfucker. No, none of it, you can’t get no motherfucking play. You can’t—

Mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm
Mmmmmmmmm ummmmmm
MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmm Aiuh
MmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmMMMMmm Aiouh
Uuuuuuu Uuuuuu Uuu Uaaah
Uuuuu uUuuuuU uu Uaaah
MmmmmmmMmmmmm Aiah
MmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmMMmmmm Aiah
Uuuu Uuuu Uuuu Uuuu Uaaah
Uuuuuuu Uuuu Uuuuuuuu uuuu UuuUAH
Mmmmmmmmm Uh AhAhahah
Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmuuuaaoooo
J’aime faire des croquettes au chien
Laaaaaa LAa Laaa
La Laaaa
Laaaa LaaLaaLaaaa
LA LA la
Laaaaa LAaaaLaaa
Laaaaaa Laa LAaaaa
La La Laaaa
Ummmmmmmm Mmm MmmmmmMmmm