The Slave Goddess

Yin-Yin-Yin-Yin Gates: 2-The Direction of the Self, 23-Assimilation 8-Contribution, 20-The Now
The feminine principle, beginning with the ultimate direction—coming out of the womb into form.
Maia is one of the civilizing gods, bestowing bounty and the qualities of civilization itself. The distortion is a false sense that money and personal power are the key to all. Women need to be empowered and educated, because the direction of civilization lies with the female.

The 16 Faces of the Godheads are comprised of 16 archetypal themes divided around the wheel, with each archetype having a specific imprint. More than any other conditioning element, the Godhead is what distracts us away from recognizing how deeply conditioned we are in the perception of our own lives, thus, not only legitimizing conditioning but actually covering it up with a moral patina of rational ‘holiness’